Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications; Fine Smartband Specs Wrapped in Affordable Price

Chinese Hardware mogul, Xiaomi, never stop creating affordable and rich feature of products. It’s been a little while after it introduced their smartband portfolio, the original Xiaomi Mi Band and Mi Band 1s, now they came again with the new smartband product named Mi Band 2.

As usual, this product is sold in really affordable price, mainly to target users from developing countries. But, the question is? Is this low price affects on the built quality of the device and its feature? Let’s check the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications below.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications; black and blue variant
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications – review @narmadi.com

Many reviewers on Internet said that Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the best affordable smart Band in the market. As a comparison, people compare the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications with specs from other affordable smartbands by highly considerable brand such as Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Zip.

In term of price, surely Mi Band 2 wins. This smartband is even priced five times cheaper than the Fitbit Alta. But, surprisingly this Mi Band 2 is already completed with heart rate monitor feature, which is the more expensive Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Zip isn’t. Surely, it will be one attraction of this new Xiaomi Mi Band.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Design

Design is one of the strong aspects in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 specifications. Even the design is not as solid as other rivals such as Fitbit Alta or Fitbit Charge, but this Mi Band 2 has quite sleek and elegant design.

Moreover, with 7 grams of weight, you can even barely feel the strap on your wrist. The overall design has been certified with IP67 too. It means that the new Mi device is waterproof.

So, you can wash your hand without taking the band off of your wrist. However, it’s not advised to not use it when swimming.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Elegant Design – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

Similar with the two previous Mi Band devices, the new Mi Band 2 comes in 2 parts; polycarbonate strap and the main band module. Assembling these two parts is quite easy.

But, what’s irritating here is that every time you charge the device, you’ll need to take out the module from the strap because the charging cable can’t be connected to the module when it’s fixed into the strap. Then you can reassemble it again after you finished charging it.

Some people find this method is impractical. Besides, it can weaken the strap after if we do this for a long time. However, the hypoallergenic 155-210 mm polycarbonate strap in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is much tougher than the original Mi Band.

So, you would not find the strap weaken just in a short period of usage. More interestingly, the band comes in various colors so can choose the one fit yours.

Main Module of Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications – review @narmadi.com

Another thing to discuss about Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications is the main module. Here, you’ll find a monochrome 0.42-inch OLED display. Apparently the increased price from the Mi Band 1S affects on the addition of display on Mi Band 2.

This screen displays several important data such as time, date, battery information, total, steps, burned calories, and more. So, you can see this information instantly from your wrist without checking your phone.

Under the display, you can find anodized button. This button can be operated by giving a firm touch, rather than a pressing it.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Features

Here we come to the main part of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications. For your information, the most notable feature in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is heart rate monitor.

When you use the device on your wrist, you will feel a little part that touches your skin. That’s where the optical heart rate sensor of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 laid.

Unfortunately, the heart rate monitoring data can’t be displayed directly from the screen. So, we have to use our smartphone with Mi Fit application to check the data. Using Mi Fit App is simple.

As soon as your smartphone is connected to the Mi Band 2, the Mi Fit application will instantly do synchronizing.

Then, it will collect all data from Mi Band 2, process it, and show the data in an understandable manner of fitness tracker.

Heart rate sensor
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Sensor – Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

The apps will constantly shows you the data of your sleeping routine, daily or monthly heart rate data, or calories burned during exercise. You can also set alarm, and more interestingly the idle alert.

By using it, the device will remind you if there is incoming call or message coming in by gently vibrating on your wrist without causing so much noises. Xiaomi also claimed that the pedometer algorithm of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has been upgraded.

Compare the features with another similar product: Fitbit Alta HR

Battery and Power

Power battery
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

Finally, we arrive to the last part of this Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications topic; the battery. Many people think that the display addition in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will affect on the shorter battery life. Yes, it is, but it’s not that significant.

Mi Band 2 is powered by 70 mAh battery capacity. Manufacturer claims that this capacity is able to power the device in 20 days in one single charge. Compared to the other competes, this battery life is quite longer. So, you don’t have to charge the device often.

Price and Release Date

It’s been stated before that price is the best part of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Just like another Chinese-native electronic product, it’s offered in cheaper price and richer features. With price far below another similar product, it offered more features such as heart rate monitor, sleep quality monitor, and other.

So, for you who want to get “just fine” smart band with additional heart rate monitor function, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications will definitely fit. About pricing, this smartband device which was introduced on June 2016 is tagged in 149 Yuan or 22 USD. So, go grab it.

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