Leica Fans, Prepare Yourself for the New Leica Camera!

Photography is the growing field that always evolves from time to time. This evolution is not only creating great photos, but many of the imaging devices also become world sensations. Realize it or not, this thing has been the battle field among world imaging device manufacturers. And one of the strong competes here is Leica. And now, we’re going to talk about new Leica camera.

Leica is the iPhone in photography. Titled with the tag of “exclusive” brand, this camera is not only having great deal of specification. But, it is also completed with highly aesthetical design.

So, there is no wonder if the price of Leica camera Lines are considerably higher compared to the other camera product in the market. With all these exclusivities, the news about new Leica Camera is always wanted.

Headquartered in Germany, this camera brands has single-handedly fought against the domination of Japanese camera brands. Let’s say Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Samsung, and others. So far, these Japanese brands have been succeeded in owning most of the camera market share.

But, with the consistency in quality and strong characteristic, Leica has been granted with its own market segment too. Especially with the great quality of product it has and considerably high price it’s tagged, the market share of this brand is really segmented.

With all those things attached, we can say that Leica camera is definitely not a joke. And obviously, it’s specialized for professionals. And talking about new product, here the rumor about the new Leica Camera we’ve been heard recently.

New Leica Camera was Spotted in Indonesian SDPPI Site

Leica Fans, Prepare Yourself for the New Leica Camera!
new Leica camera

So far, new Leica camera is always listed in the most anticipated camera products list. And it also happens to this Leica camera series. The rumor firstly comes from the official site of SDPPI (Directorate General of Resources and  Equipment of Post and Information Technology OF Republic Indonesia) a couple months ago.

Leica Fans, Prepare Yourself for the New Leica Camera!
new Leica camera?

It was published in that site that there is an application with the applicant name Leica Camera AG (the manufacturer of Leica camera). This is the application for a digital camera product under the name of Leica 3656.

We’ve been following this application until finally, the certificate for this product is issued in October 18th 2016 with the number 47754/SDPPI/2016.

So far, there’s still no confirmation yet about this new Leica camera. And apparently, the manufacturer hasn’t held any press release about it. So, there is no single information we’ve gotten regarding to this camera. Further, about the real name of the device, it still remains as mystery.

Supposing the Real Name

But, if we refer to the information from the SDPPI site, we should be able to guess the name of the equipment already.

In the rule of SDPPI, if a certain name of device is already decided in the application process, so by the law, manufacturer has to use this name in the trading process inside of Indonesia. Therefore, we suppose that thin Leica camera will be released under Leica 3656.

Leica Fans, Prepare Yourself for the New Leica Camera!
new Leica camera?

But, if we look closely to the business strategy, the possibility of this 3656 name is actually code name is widely opened, especially when this new Leica camera is listed as the most anticipated camera device.

Let’s suppose this way. To keep the classified information about this camera, manufacturer decides to use the code name for this product.

This thing is usually done by manufacturers to ensure that their products really comply with the regulation of a certain country. And after the press release is already held, they will reapply the product approval with the real name of the product.

Further, it is also strengthened by the fact that in the previous series, Leica usually use alphabet to start the model name. For example, we’ve known about Leica M1, Leica M2, Leica M3, Leica R3, Leica R4, Leica SL, and many others. All of those models name are started with the alphabet. But, who knows?

Even if there’s still no information about this product, but this is a good sign. However, we know that Leica is now preparing for their new model, which is definitely worth waiting.

So, before the official release from the company, we’re only able to make supposition about this product. And hopefully, it will be released soon so it can fulfill the needs of photography people. Thank you for reading.

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