The Introduction to EnOcean Light Switch and Its Benefits

EnOcean light switch, In this modern era, energy efficiency is really needed. That’s why many manufacturers in the world are competing to produce low consuming energy device. Other than that, the trend is not only reaching the energy consuming level of devices, but also the clean energy ones. It has forced devices to use more effective energy with minimum harm to the environment.

This is why nowadays we can see many of the devices use the eco-energy or clean energy tag on it. Not only for the marketing purposes, but this tag is also beneficial to keep our environment safe, as well as to create the better future without the harm of energy for human life.

In order to realize this vision, Research and Development processes are boosted massively. And one result of this process is EnOcean, with EnOcean Light Switch as one of the applications of it.

We have talked about the EnOcean technology in the previous article. This kind of wireless is come with a concept of clean and low power consuming energy. At some cases, it doesn’t even need power at all. In other words, it is battery less, and self powered by employing the fluctuated wireless energy around.

Well, this concept is really fascinating in the middle of energy crisis in some part of the world. And by using it, it means that we can save more energy that can be used for another purposes, or even to be stored in the energy supply storage. Well, talking about application, there are several applications of this technology.

Not really much actually since it is relatively with running development process. One of them is in EnOcean Light Switch.

The Introduction to EnOcean Light Switch and Its Benefits

Light Switch is one of the popular lighting technologies used around the world, and EnOcean completes it. By combining this kind of wireless with the current light switch technology, it will result on the energy-efficient and clean switch.

And more interestingly, this switch will need no power so it will affect on the decreasing cost you need to pay for electricity. Generally, the EnOcean Light Switch offers you the advance LED control system works in 902 MHz frequency. And to simplify the setup, this switch combines commissioning tool with controllers.

Benefits of EnOcean Light Switch

Talking about benefits, there will be various benefits of using this EnOcean Light Switch other than what already stated above. Firstly, you will get the flexible installation. This flexible installation is obtained due to the controller inside which can comply with standard wiring practices.

Second, this kind of switch also has longer and wider range about 100 ft. or more. With this kind of range, this technology can cover the whole average building. Moreover, this also able to control many varieties of devices, not only limited to the plug-in lamps.

The Introduction to EnOcean Light Switch and Its Benefits

Another attraction of EnOcean Light Switch is the high compatibility of it. To penetrate deeper to the world application, EnOcean provides more ease and simplicity. One of them is by making it compatible with all devices that adopted EnOcean technology as well.

It means that, when your switch has featured with this wireless protocol, it will be compatible with other devices that use the same protocol too. With kind of compatibility, you don’t need to be confused in looking for matched product.

Overall, with the characteristics above, EnOcean Light Switch will be so functional, especially to employ the fluctuated energy. With the low power it needs, this switch will be able to decrease the cost for electricity.

And when it comes to the mass application of it, we will be able to maximize the use of wireless by transforming its fluctuated energy to be something else which is usable, beneficial, and functional. Finally, that’s all the information regarding to the EnOcean Light Switch.

Any other additional information about that, opinions, or critique, you can put them in the comment session below. In closing, we hope that this information could be beneficial, and able to update your knowledge toward the new technological issue.

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