Panasonic FZ80: Price, Design, Specs

In this early time of release, many people ask about Panasonic FZ80 Price. Well, that’s normal because this camera brings so much more on the specification, makes it as one anticipated product of the year.

Bringing several upgrades in its product, Panasonic comes with new edition of Panasonic FZ80. It comes to replace FZ70 by bringing its 60x optical zoom, such a good-news brought to you for outdoor photographers.

Still comes with its super zoom lens, FZ80 creates new impression with higher resolution image sensor and also other upgraded features. Well, let’s see what we can get from this new Panasonic camera.

Panasonic FZ80 Design

Price is never lie. That’s the first thought come out when we compare Panasonic FZ80 Price with its specification. As we know, Lumix camera from Panasonic always brings good impression to enthusiast.

And this is what we’ll see in the Panasonic FZ80 Camera. It has its cool typical body that is designed in compact style.

The black look on the entire parts makes it looks perfect for doing any kind of photography including wild photography on the open space.

Comes with good body that is designed with perfect handgrip, the camera is so pleasing to be brought everywhere. It also has good texture to give you comfortable handling.

A little bit weighty, the camera weighs around 616g with battery included. It comes with plastic body, that’s why though it’s heavier than FZ70, you will get fine and feel light in carrying the camera. Surely, the handling will be even finer since the strap will help you much too.

Still having the compact look, FZ80 has a dimension of 5.1 x 3.7 x 4.7 in. (130 x 94 x 119 mm).

This device becomes more perfect with 3 inch touch screen LCD screen as the viewfinder that has 1,040,000 dots resolution for brighter pictures with approximately 100% coverage.

Further, the camera will be very comfortable to use since it has more intuitive control, bigger shutter button, and also manual autofocus joystick.

A good lens from Panasonic with great quality which has 60.00x zoom (20-1,200mm eq.)will also provide you amazing details too.

While for the sake of storage, the camera is supported with a memory card (SD/SDHC/SDXC) that will provide spaces for pictures of videos. However, the amount of Panasonic FZ80 Price will be worth spending.

Panasonic FZ80 Specification

Panasonic FZ80 Price
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Well, we all people agree that this camera indeed, has a very good outlook. Plus, it comes with super zoom program, which is surprisingly, comes with higher resolution too.

For your information, the FZ80 will be paired with 18.10 megapixels 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor which is much better than the previous product. We’ll have better detail while capturing pictures or video.

More than that, the features are already upgraded a bit higher with 10 frames per second continuous shooting. It will allow you getting good pictures to sort.

Another thing that that makes Panasonic FZ80 Price is worth is due to the ability of UHD 4k video recording.

It provides pleasing features that allow everyone creating video or movie using this camera. And 4k picture modes are also available in this camera. Raw format support is also one the important thing you get to know too.

Further, as a modern camera, this cool device is supported with built-in Wi-Fi for better and easier sharing which is comfortable for sharing activity. Transferring files and controlling the camera can be done easily.

Well, for creating pictures, the camera will help you getting pictures with high quality. This is because this camera is supported with high ISO sensitivity of range 100.

With new image sensor and new Venus engine processor, it creates much better picture with better detail than its predecessor.

Panasonic FZ80 Price and Release Date

LUMIX Digital Camera DC-FZ80
Panasonic LUMIX Digital Camera DC-FZ80

The camera is all ready from March 2017, so you may try to find it out now. And as you know that it is already released, another important information must be the Panasonic FZ80 Price.

For your information, it is officially offered to all fans with $400 for street price. Surely, this is an affordable price is affordable for a camera like Panasonic FZ80. So, grab it and be ready for the new experience of photography.

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