Coming Soon! Nikkor Z as The Newest Camera Lenses from Nikon

Love to go traveling? Do you like to take some pictures? Do you want to get the best result in your photos? Great lenses, best results everlasting! For photographers who like to shoot pictures, please make sure that you have the best camera and best lenses. Next, for having those all, the camera users no need to worry. Nowadays, Nikon would like to release the newest model and lenses as namely Nikkor Z.

In addition, as the next and new generation from Nikon which known as Nikkor lenses. It is the revolution from Nikon Z Mount. Therefore, it is similar perfectly with Nikon Z series. The camera body of this mirrorless is alike to Z series.

Nikkor Z lens design

Lens of Nikkor Camera
Lens of Nikkor Camera

Design of Nikkor Z lens has great combination. Therefore, with the sense of consistency, it combines beauty and reliability. Then, for the freedom in image creation, those combinations are completed with next dimension optical performance. Belows, there are some kinds of lenses in Nikkor Z.

Kinds of Nikkor Z and the lenses

  • 24-70 mm f/4 S

It has huge performance, smaller lenses, and larger mount. Therefore, with a huge performance, it guarantees the photographers to have a great picture because the lens can give its best for the camera.

Talking about the smaller lenses, even though it is small, it makes the camera users be easier to catch and shoot the photos without need to choose the large area. The users only need to consider the right position and angle to shoot. Therefore, it has lighter capture of this camera.

  • 35 f/1.8 S

Similar to the previous types, this type has larger mount, but it is short flange distance. It means that Nikkor Z lenses can gather substantially lighter for thrilling low-light performance and maximum apertures up to f/0.95.

Based on those lenses and apertures, it has more sharpness result. Although it has short flange distance, it does not mean that the photographers can’t gain the great picture result. Through the optimum apertures, the camera could get the brighter images.

  • 50 mm f/1.8

Telling about this lens, the camera users don’t need to stop down to this lens. However, it has great combination which can make a great pictures result.

The camera combines the new optical formulas and Nikkor’s proven glass types. Besides great results in picture, it also generates a great resolution from center of the frame to the far edges. Additionally, it includes more data transfer.

AF Nikkor 24-50 mm
AF Nikkor 24-50 mm

The next types of Nikkor Z lenses

  • 14-30 mm f/4 S

The types of this camera has faster communication between lens and camera to improve the performance across the board with the larger allowance of Nikkor Z Mount. Meanwhile, it has less distortion.

  • 24-70 mm f/2.8 S

Similarly, by its designing and building, this kind of camera show no any distortion and flare virtually. In addition, its lenses also have no ghosting, chromatic, coma, axial and spherical aberration in which those can be minimized greatly.

Table’s comparison types of Nikkor Z lenses

Connecting to those kinds of camera, there are some comparisons types of Nikkor Z lenses in 2018 and 2019 as this following table:


Nikkor Z 24-70 mm f/4 S

Nikkor Z 14-30 mm f/4 S

Nikkor Z 35 mm f/1.8 S

Nikkor Z 24-70 mm f/2.8 S

Nikkor Z 50 mm f/1.8 S

Nikkor Z 58 mm f/0.95 S Noct

Mount Adapter FTZ and Nikkor Lenses

After that, to get more optional of its, the photographers can use F-Mount Nikkor lenses.

By using these lenses, it can retain the smooth, silent shooting, fast hybrid AF, and gain the sharpness and benefits of its VR camera.

Related to its mount adapter FTZ, it is supported by full AF/AE when it uses FX or DX-AF-S on type G/D/E, AF-I on type D, AF-P on type G/E, and AF-S or AF-I teleconverters.

Cheaper Mirrorless Z lenses at Nikon in the future

In the next future, the lens is described as an optimum balance between compactness, advanced functionality, and value for money. So that, with the cheaper price, the photographers can feel and enjoy the great quality of this camera.

But, the photographers no need to worry because with this price, they can gain a satisfy performance which combines the function and compactness of camera lens. Besides, it still uses the primary concept of S-line series lenses for achieving the high performance and strike balance.

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Based on the explanation above, there are many lenses of Nikkor Z to be released. Those are 24-70 mm f/2.8 S, 14-30 mm f/4 S, 50 mm f/1.8, 35 f/1.8 S, and 24-70 mm f/4 S.

Then, from the camera lenses, it has their own differences and performances to result the great pictures. Related to the lenses, this camera is also completed by F-Mount to reach the maximum mount adapter FTZ. Hence, it can make the smooth results on the photos.

Furthermore, the presence of this mirrorless camera in the future can give satisfaction to the camera users and it can be like that because the camera has a balance toward the compactness, advanced functionality, and value for money. Hence, to end this article, the writer hopes the readers can take the benefit after reading this text. (fs)

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