Sony A9 Specification, Price and the Release date

Finding out what can replace the Sony A7 sounds really interesting, especially because this camera may be the most anticipated product of the year. Some people like to predict when this flagship will be ready to hit the market, while some others are prefer to find out Sony A9 Specification based on rumor.

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Surely, it leads us to an essential question “how do these Sony A9 Rumors come up?” Well basically, these rumors started to rise to the surface after some users confess of witnessing the prototype of that new Sony A camera.

They said that the camera is larger and boxier as well. So, for you who want to find out how the A9 looks actually like? Here is the A9 specification based on some rumors spread.

Sony A9 Specification: Design

Sony A9 Specification Rumor

Placed above the A7, rumors say that this new camera is a great successor with better upgraded features. And talking about design, we all know that Sony always performs great with its DSLR camera body style; rough and tough.

So, we hope that in this edition, Sony will stay cool with its typical black outlook. This should be something we can notice from this camera since the very beginning.

Further, as what people predicted, this amazing camera should be designed in futuristic style which is equipped with better hard features too.

For instance, brighter and clearer titling LCD screen which can be adjusted through vary-angles with intuitive buttons is also predicted to be one attraction of this camera.

Moreover, some Sony A9 Rumors stated that this camera is designed with joystick for controlling AF moving point. This is also something you should notice in the first place.

Compared with the A7, it comes with heavier body grip which is not really comfortable to handle. But, its new dimension brings you better grip texture. Some section with rubberized texture and the handgrip will allow you to handle the camera in good position.

Further, rumor also talks much about Sony A9 Specification. IT SAYS THAT The lens of the camera is very important to consider. There is even a statement that this camera has cool FE lens of of 16-35mm f/2.8 gm and 100-400mm. It is good news for all photographers to have cool pairing lens.

Sony A9 Specification

The rumor about Sony A9 specification brings a good wind that leads people to see the better DSLR camera. A camera with best sensor is what everyone likes to have.

For that reason, this cool DSLR is expected have higher camera resolution than the A7. Some even claim that the sensor is up to 72 megapixels. This extra fine resolution is also equipped with various soft features that will support you to get amazing photos.

From this Sony A9 specification, we can see that this is a crazy professional camera that will give you amazing performance. With highly considered ability in capturing pictures, this camera has good performance with its ability to make 14 frames per second continuous shooting speed.

What about the popular and futuristic features like built in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS? Is it paired in this cool camera? Well, we do not know whether Sony tend to enclose those features or not. However, we can expect that because nowadays, even for mid-end or low-end camera have that features.

Moreover, the ability of creating video is also needed to have in the recent time. Well, here is said that the camera is also equipped with dual SD card slot which means to provide more spaces for storing data.

This thing also allows us to transfer pictures or video easily to another device. Last but not least, what makes this camera superior is because this camera has better image stabilization, better HDR and unlimited burst mode.

Estimated Price and Launching Date

With those cool features, the Sony A9 specification sounds ready to break the wild competing with other futuristic DSLRs in the market. The high-end resolution and best sensor becomes thing that can bring the camera up above another brand. We could be so happy to wait the camera released and landed on our hand.

As the last part of Sony A9 Specification topic, we also should know the estimated price of this cool device. $6000 is the amount of money you need to save to own this camera.

Prepare to see this cool device in the second or third quarter of 2017, and hopefully you have got your money bank is overloaded by then. It’s kind of welcoming great device that is well-prepared for your better futuristic photography. So, having amazing Sony A9 should on your 2017 wish list.

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