What is Radar

We often see radar in the airport or even in the sci-fi or action movie. Especially for the movie, many movie makers describe that this equipment has a big role in most of the story line. It detects where the location of the enemy is, locate the ship or plane coordinate, and other cool stuffs.

But, indeed, this equipment is really cool. Beyond the fiction movies, nowadays, the use of radar is indeed really essential. Some aspects of life such as navigating, locating, forecasting, and others are employing this equipment to get to work.

Many people may have understood how radar looks like and what this is for. But, the things about what it actually is and how does it works is something untouchable for most of the people. And in order to give you more understanding toward this navigation device, we already resumed some information related to it.

This information is taken from several trusted sources. So, if you want to know more about this equipment, just refer to the following explanation.

What Radar Actually is

Approval Testing Standard for Radar (Surveillance and Maritime)

Radar stands for Radio Detecting and Ranging. This device was firstly developed during the World War II by several nations. Based on Indonesian Regulation number 31:2013 issued by Indonesian Ministry of Communication and informatics, radar is a device which employs electromagnetic wave.

This electromagnetic wave is used to detect, velocity, distance and speed measuring, and locating moving or unmoving objects. And talking about kind, the kind of radar itself is divided into two. They are maritime and surveillance.

Maritime radar is a moving station which is used on the ship. Big ship such as military ship, mother ship, or even commercial ship is already completed with this radar facility. With this facility, the ship could locate the nearest object as well as the possible threat.

Further, there is also another kind of device called surveillance radar. It is a permanent station that has several functions. The main function of it is to watch over the coasty line, river, sea, and others. Further, it is also useful to explore the sea and land.

How Radar Works

Radar Testing Standard for Approval (Surveillance and Maritime).

Principally, It works exactly just like how ultrasonic sounds are used on bat. But, human has made a little different on it. If bat uses ultrasonic sounds, radar uses Radio wave. This radio wave is produced by a device called magnetron.

This radio wave ranges in between few centimeters to one meter. This is much longer than the light waves. This is the wave that will locate the object position, velocity, size, etc.

After the radio waves are generated, the antenna which works as the transmitter will hurl the waves to the air. Since the shape of the antenna is curve, so the hurled wave will be precise, focus, and narrow beam.

Further, the antenna sometimes also rotates, so it can detect much larger area. This wave will travel with the speed of light, around 186.000 or 300.000 km/s. When it hit something, the signal will bounce back to the antenna with a speed of light too. The speed of this wave is really important to measure the velocity, speed, distance, etc. from an object.

Read more about the operation in here.

SDPPI Type Approval Certification before Marketed in Indonesia

It is obvious that this device employs Radio Frequency to get work. That’s why it is classified as the post and telecommunication device. And as we all understand, before it is distributed in Indonesia, every post and telecommunication device needs to obtain SDPPI Type Approval.

So, before distributing this kind of products in Indonesia, manufacturer, distributor, or importer, need to obtain this kind of certification for their products first.

Therefore, in order to help you knowing the requirements in getting SDPPI Type Approval for device, here is the copy of related regulation. “That’s mean the radar testing standard in Indonesia”

Testing Standard

[gview file=”https://narmadi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Approval-Testing-Standard-for-Radar-Surveillance-and-Maritime-2.pdf”]

And for you the English speaker, we have resumed it and translated into English. So, here is English version of related regulation about the device.

[gview file=”https://narmadi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Technical-Requirements-of-Maritime-Radar-and-Surveillance-Radar.pdf”]

That’s all we need to know about radar including testing standard. Further, it is also extremely needed especially for the army. With this device, they can detect the threat nearby.

Therefore, the country can be more protected. That’s all we can inform you about radar. We hope it will be helpful, and able to educate you toward the newest trend in technology.

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