Approval Test Standard for Router Devices in Indonesia

Nowadays, internet connection is something really important for life. Not only for the military work, like it used to be used, but now it has covered so many other aspects. Some aspects such as entertainment, health, transportation, education, office, and mainly communication, are already using internet connection. We can even barely find personal devices such as phone, desktop, tablet, and others that come without internet facility. That’s why some internet supporting devices such as modem, router, and WAP have the high number of orders.

Approval Test Standard for Router Devices in Indonesia

In the case of router, this device has been popular enough among others, especially for the office use. People in the office prefer to use it than any other device for its simplicity and functionality.

But, what this device actually is, and why does it have so many users, some people still don’t really understand about it. And if you are one of them, the explanation toward this matter will be explained in below explanation.

Before we go straight to the router, it is better for us to talk about broadband connection first. Literally, broadband connection is a high speed transmission with high capacity that is able to carry signals emitted by the multiple network carriers that work independently. With this kind of ability, broadband is able to support wide range frequency. Therefore, it is employed to transmit video, voice, and data simultaneously in such a long distance.

Then, what is the role of router device? Router is the one that will receive all of the information that carried by the broadband signal from the modem, and then decipher it before it is received by your personal devices. Moreover, router also takes place in finding the best route for the data package so it can be delivered more quickly. You could get additional information about the router on wiki

Kinds of Router Device

Further, to comply with the customer’s need, manufacturers have made several kinds of router. Each of them has their own specialization for their own special use. The first kind of this device is Broadband Routers. This device needs to be used when you are using VoIP technology.

It can acts as an Ethernet as well as hone jack. And one of the interesting things for this kind of router is that it can connect two computers into the internet connection. Further, it can also be used to connect two different computers.

Approval Test Standard for Router Devices in Indonesia.

Second, we have Wireless Router. When using it, you can create a wide range of wireless signal covers your home or even office. That’s why any personal device within the range will be able to connect to the broadband connection for free. Therefore, you also need to secure your connection to avoid the random device connection into your router. This security system will also protect you from hackers that will steal your personal information from this wireless connection.

Type Approval Certification Before Marketed to Indonesia

It is not a secret that every telecommunication device that will be distributed in certain country need to get the local approval certification first. And this rule is also applied in Indonesia. Here, the institution that takes care of this matter is Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication Device (SDPPI). This Institution works under the assistance of Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics. And for the certification itself, it is called SDPPI Type Approval Certification.

Read more about SDPPI Approval Services in here.

And for the router itself, the device should be complied with the attachment regulations and communications minister informatics number 6, 2014. Here is the complete version of this regulation in Bahasa.

While for you an English Speaker, we have summarized the regulation above to English version as stated in below.

That’s all of the requirements for Router device that should be followed by the manufacturers. As a manufacturer, you need to pay more attention at the detail of that regulation. This action can be reflected by making your devices complied with above requirements. By doing it, it will create an easy access in the marketing process of your products. Therefore, it could be well distributed and will fulfill the needs of the customers.

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