Radio Frequency Used in The World

Radio Frequency Used in The World – Do you know that the airwaves that surround us are filled with invisible information.

Yes! You’re right! Radio frequencies, also known as radio bands, are a spectrum of electromagnetic waves that revolutionized communication, entertainment and other aspects of our lives.

But do you know there are a lot of radio frequencies used in this world with an array of different uses to carry and ease our daily lives?

Sooooo, without further ado let’s jump into the world of radio frequencies with us!

Brief History of Radio Frequencies.

By the end of the 19th century, our noble predecessor had invented radio frequency technology which changed our lives as humans forever and their names were James Clerk Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz.

Maxwell through his theoretical equation has predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves as early as 1860’s.

But not after in the late 1880’s through a series of groundbreaking and earthshaking experiments, Heinrich Hertz provided the first evidence of these waves and paved the path for its practical application.

And after that a series of outstanding inventions has been invented over the years.

An early amplifier invention that boosted signal strength and range in 1906 by Lee De Forest, AM radio broadcast that opened up the door of entertainment and mass information by the 1920’s.

Don’t get me started with Edwin Armstrong’s invention of FM radio in the 1930’s that still to this day provides you with a good tunes to sing along to in the middle of a traffic jam after work.

And don’t forget, all of those happened in the range of a few decades and still to this day give a significant impact in a lot of major industries and or home use across the globe.

Types of Radio Frequencies and Its Uses.

The radio spectrum is a vast resource, with different frequencies used for various purposes.

With the ‘hertz’ or ‘Hz’ as the unit, here are the breakdown of radio frequencies and its uses across the globe:

  • Low Frequency or LF (30 kHz to 300 kHz): Its main purposes are primarily used for AM radio broadcasting (in some parts of the world). It offers a good range but at the cost of lower fidelity in sound quality.
  • Medium Frequency or MF (300kHz to 3 MHz): This frequency, also dominated by AM radio broadcasting, also offers a wider coverage even compared to LF but can be easily interrupted.
  • High Frequency or HF (3MHz to 30 MHz): This type of frequency is mainly used for shortwave radio broadcasting and international communication used by military, maritime, and aviation industries. It can transmit over extremely long distances to its ability to bounce off the ionosphere.
  • Very High Frequency or VHF (30Mhz to 300 Mhz): This frequency is used mainly for communication in several industries. Other than that it is also used in hi-fi FM radio.
  • Ultra High Frequency or UHF (300 MHz to 3 GHz): Used in television broadcasting, land mobile radio system, satellite communication and 3G mobile phone networks.
  • Microwave (3Ghz to 30 Ghz): Used for satellite communication, radar and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Milimeter Wave (30Ghz to 300 Ghz): A band with high potential for the future application, including 5G mobile networks and imaging applications used in security scanners and medical imaging.

So here there are a radio frequency used in the world and its application.

While being so versatile, radio frequency is one of the subject of digital policy especially in Indonesia.

A radio signal that used in Indonesia is strictly regulated by the Ministry of Communication in Indonesia, to know more about this stuff, go check this link.

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