What is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

What is radio frequency skin tightening? The quest of breaking the spell of aging continues with the development of numerous cosmetic procedures.

One of them being Radio Frequency Skin Tightening or most commonly known as RF.

This procedure is a non-surgical one, meaning there’s no scalpel or scary bandage to deal with, with the goals of achieving a firmer and smoother skin thus making one look significantly younger.

So, let’s unveil the Radio Frequency Skin Tightening procedures and see how it works!

What is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and How It Works

Radio frequency skin tightening is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses radio waves to improve the appearance of your skin.

The goal of this treatment is achieving a firmer and smoother skin using a handheld device that uses radio frequency that travels into the deeper layers of your skin also known as the dermis.

This is to counter the fact that as we grow older, especially around the age of 35 to 40, the quality and quantity of collagen, a protein that plays a vital role in providing elasticity of our skin, will significantly decline. 

This procedure uses the radio waves that create a controlled heating effect with the temperature range between 50–75°C within the dermis that serves as a trigger for the production of collagen.

With the increased collagen that is stimulated by the heat from the radio wave helps to tighten and firm up the treated area, your youthful look automatically be enhanced after this treatment.

And on top of all that above, RF skin tightening can also be used for body contouring, face contouring, removing sun damage, and even reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

RF skin tightening has also been studied and proven its effectiveness. One of the studies about this treatment was done in France in 2017.

A study done by Isabelle Rousseaux, MD and Sam Robson, MRCGP at Cabinet de Dermatologie Esthétique, Lille Côté Sud, Loos, France in 2017, have found that maintaining a temperature over 115°F (46°C) for over 3 minutes causes your body to release heat-shock protein and these proteins stimulate your body to create new collagen fibers.

The Radio Frequency Skin Tightening uses a hand held device that emits radio frequency to give a controlled heating effects and trigger the production of collagen.

Being that, the RF skin tightening device needs to be tested and legally certified before being able to distribute in Indonesia.

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Benefits and Things to Consider About RF Skin Tightening

Although it’s not a surgical cosmetic treatment, RF skin tightening also gained a lot of popularity due to its effectiveness and almost no side effects.

The most common side effects include temporary swelling, redness and tingling in the area that has been exposed to the radio frequency.

Some benefits of this treatment include reduced wrinkles and fine lines particularly on the face, neck and around the eye due to the stimulating collagen production done by the radio waves.

The other benefit of this treatment is also an improved skin tone and texture, making it appear to be smoother and tighter.

And as a non-surgical treatment, RF skin tightening typically involves minimal discomfort and pain. And it also requires no downtime to recover.

But as much as the benefit given, RF skin tightening also comes with a few considerations.

As it is a non-surgical treatment, the result of RF skin tightening is often gradual and may take several weeks or even months to become fully noticeable.

The results of this treatment also vary, depending on the person, age and other factors.

RF skin tightening is also not a permanent solution, and repeated treatments may be necessary to maintain the results.

So here is all that you need to know about this groundbreaking discovery in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

What do you think about this radio frequency skin tightening treatment? Is it worth the cost and time with the benefits and risk that you’ll get?

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