Radio Remote Control Receiver

Radio remote control receiver, There will be a lot of industries will be helped with the presence of electronic door lock. With this kind of door lock, people can control one or several door to be closed automatically at once.

Therefore, closing door one by one manually is no longer needed. Interesting, right? And not only in big scale industries, this kind of door lock system is also used in smaller scale of it. Something like cars, homes, office, school, store, and others are already employs this technology. They call it radio remote control receiver for door lock.

Radio remote control receiver for door lock is a technology that employs radio frequency to open the door. You can choose to lock or open the door automatically by controlling it trough remote control. While for the opening, you can open just one side of the door or both side of it.

While for the control, you can press the button on the remote from considered distance. Inside of this radio remote control receiver for door lock, we can find a part which is called actuators. Actuators is actually a small size motor, which is planted in the door frame.

Radio Remote Control Receiver for Door Lock Approval Requirements.

To operate, this motor is controlled by electrical impulse. This impulse is triggered by electronic signal which come from several ways such as wireless, sensor, or radio frequency.And this actuator will let the door open or close only if it accepts the correct codes from the input device.

However, both manually lock door with key and do it electronically has their own characteristics, good and bad. When locking a door manually, you might be lost the key. But, when you lock your door electronically, you might forget the password. Further, changing password is much easier than changing the physical key. But, electronic door will stay locked or unlocked during the electricity power loss.

And to overcome that problem, you there is one kind of radio remote control receiver for electronic door lock that combines manual locking system and electronic. Therefore, you can use the manual key whenever you forgot the electronic codes, and use the password whenever you lost the key. With this double functionality, this kind of locking system will offer you more comfort and convenience.

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Radio Remote Control Receiver for Door Lock Needs SDPPI Type Approval before marketed in Indonesia

Radio Remote Control Receiver for Door Lock Approval Requirements

With high functionality, radio remote control receiver for door lock has a big market share, especially in Indonesia. With this kind of market potential, of course it will be really valuable for manufacturer to market their electronic door lock in Indonesia. But, before doing that, there are some requirements that they should obtain.

Since radio remote control receiver for door lock employs radio frequency to get work, therefore, this device is classified as post and telecommunication device.

And in Indonesia, every single post and telecommunication devices that are being produced, assembled, used, marketed around this nation, they need to obtain SDPPI Type Approval. This rule is stated in Indonesian Regulation number 16 Tahun 2018.

Some Popular Brands

With high market share, of course there will be so many manufacturers that are interested in producing this device. That’s why we could find so many radio remote control receiver for door lock brands in the market.

And as an example, the following brands are the ones that has high quality of products. They are Kwikset, Yale, SoHoMill, August, Samsung, Schlage Camelot, Danalock, Remote Lock, and Mono Price. However, if you have other brands that you think also deserve to be considered, please put your opinion on the comment session below.

Finally, by using radio remote control receiver for electronic door lock, you can increase the security of your home. And if you have any suggestion or something you want to say related to radio remote control for door lock, you can put your thought in the comment session below. In closing, we would like to say thank you for reading this article, and we’re waiting for your opinion in the comment session below.

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