Apple Ipad Pro, a Perfect Combination of Tablet and Laptop

Apple Ipad pro, Continuing our previous post about mobile computer, here is the example of one mobile computer product, iPad by Apple. Apple has broken the basic principle of mobile computer when they firstly released their new product, Apple IPad in 2010.

This product has successfully attracted people’s attention since it is classified as the first tablet product in line. And now, in 2016, the Cupertino giant technology company, Apple has released their newest generation of IPad It is called Apple IPad Pro. So, how Apple IPad Pro looks like and how powerful it actually is, here is the brief explanation about it.

Apple IPad Pro Specification

Apple Ipad Pro, a perfect combination of Tablet and Laptop

Apple IPad Pro is brand new Apple’s tablet that was firstly launched at March 31st 2016, right after its brother Apple IPad Mini 4 released at September 9th 2015. As the newest version of Apple iPad, of course this device has made several improvements from the previous version.  This device is launched in two versions of screen size. The one is 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and 9,7 inch for another one.

But, unlike the 2 versions of iPhone  which is relatively identical, the two versions of iPad Pro is slightly different in term of specification as stated below.

From the outside, we can see that both devices have the classy elegant look of a modern tablet with only 6.9 mm thin. With solid and simple design, this tablet is wrapped up in a metal case, adding the fancy and glossy look of it.

Further, the manufacturer has also completed it with super sensitive screen, fingerprint scanner on the home button, and smart stylus. With such specification, this device will definitely be the best companions for designer, architect, artist, etc.

While for the hardware, this super slim tablet is using the best one in its class, so doing multitasking smoothly, or opening any kinds of application will not be a problem anymore.

Amazing Screen of Apple iPad Pro

Apple Ipad Pro, a perfect combination of Tablet and Laptop,

In the screen sector, Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch uses 2,732 x 2,048 resolution with 264ppi from the kind of oxide TFT layer. And for the 9.7 inch, it uses the exact same screen kind, only it has lower resolution than his big brother.

And the attractive thing here is that both devices have an amazing LCD panel with wide range of color gamut. So, there is no wonder if is considered as the best tablet screen in its class. Further, it is also completed with a feature called True Tone. This is a feature that will make the tablet adapt with the ambient light around the user.

Apple iPad Pro Accessories

Further, one attraction of this iPad Pro is on its smart keyboard cover. This is a keyboard cover manufactured by Logitech. Covered with fabric, it looks even more robust than any other product in the market.

But unfortunately, this smart keyboard is not completed with touchpad, so you need to touch the screen a lot during the operation.

Another interesting accessory in the Apple iPad Pro is its stylus. This stylus is so responsive with minimum level of lag. That’s why it is perfect for the designer to draw a super detailed design.

In addition, adobe has also created special application for Apple iPad Pro stylus, so it will be perfect for designer, engineer, and also architect.

In the imaging sector, you will find the FaceTime 1.2-megapixel HD camera in front and 8 Megapixel iSight on the back. This is the same camera found in iPad Air 2, which already capable for high level of photography. For the FaceTime camera, it is able to record video with 720p.

Therefore, you can do proper video call with it. Meanwhile for the back, the 8 megapixel camera is capable enough to shoot 1080 videos.

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Apple Ipad Pro, a perfect combination of Tablet and Laptop.

In the performance sector, Apple iPad is really helped by the presence of A9X chip with 2.26Ghz speed combined with 4GB of RAM. This is a dual core chip by Apple.

But, even it still only have dual core technology, Apple claims that this chip is powerful enough to do even high level task. Further, Apple iPad has also 64-bit processor configuration with better performance especially on the display.

With this kind of specification, doing difficult task such as editing video, gaming, multitasking, can be done smoothly.

Lastly, to support all these performances, this phone has been completed with 10.307mAh battery life. This is a large capacity of battery that can last about 10 hours. Further, if you are interested to this brand new product from Apple iPad lines, you can afford it with the price about 968 USD.

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