Salt Chlorinator Benefits

Salt chlorinator benefits are vary for swimming pool. As we know, doing Salt Chlorinating on pool water could be a beneficial investment for the future.

The reason is because salt chlorinator provides efficient time to maintains your swimming pool. And by saving maintenance time, it means that we save the money too.

Besides, this chlorinator technology is very popular as it can keep ideal chlorine level in more efficient way.

But the best part; it automatically produces minimal amount of chlorine out of saltwater, which is not in harmful level for the swimmer.

In its operation, salt chlorinator maintains pool chlorine level by using electrolysis process to naturally convert salt into chlorine. In this chlorinator machine, there are two main parts; control board and salt cell.

Control board is one of the important things to send electrical energy to the cell. This is the part that’s able to convert energy, control timing for salt chlorine generator, and permit to adjust the feed rate in the pool water.

Then, there is cell that will convert salt cell to chlorine. This process runs when salt cell comprised iridium coated metal plates which is connected to the control board.

The energy will be converted by the control board, then runs through electrolysis proses, and salt will be converted to chlorine.

How Salt Chlorinator Works

In general, salt chlorinator is a machine to produce saltwater and calorimeter in the pools. The chemical reactions to produce the salt and the chlorine is called electrolysis energy.

The detailed proses are; saltwater that flows in the electrical salt cell will have chemical reaction and becomes chlorine, hydrogen, and sodium hydroxide. While the process of electrolysis running, salt will also have chemical reactions to become hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite.

All the components included in chlorine compounds. So, salt chlorinator is not really free from chlorine. But in this case, the chlorine will become healthy, safe, does not have a harmful effect to the skin.

The sanitizing agents usually used in chlorine to maintain the pool as well as preventing chloramines. While for the salt used, there are various of salt types that we can use such as evaporated salt, and mined salt.

No worry with chlorine

Salt chlorinator machine has an easy system to produce chlorine without having a lot of chlorine waste, or dry chlorine that can cause many problems.

So, you don’t need to add more water stabilizers in the pool. Chlorine will act as sanitizing agent to keep the water clean.

There is minimum number of saltwater that will be produced in the pool. Then, this salt will go to the next process, which is electrolysis that is able to produce chlorine.

The step is a regenerative or returned process on both of saltwater and chlorine. So this step gives a good impact without adding more chemical to the pools again. Which means that this will not cause strong smells of the chlorine in the pool.

Salt Chlorinator Benefits - waterflow
salt chlorinator benefits – waterflow

Salt Chlorinator Benefits

Decrease harmful chemical

There are many benefits offered by using this type of chlorinator. One of Salt Chlorinator Benefits is that this machine will decrease the harmful chemicals within the swimming pool.

Because salt chlorinator includes salt and limits the number of chlorine, means that it will be more convenient for the swimmer.

Even, using chlorinator has environmental benefits too because the amount of the chemical is limited. And we don’t have any adding harmful chemical. So the water residue will not poison the land and surroundings.

Another positive impact to your body is to avoids skin and eyes irritation, obviously because the chlorine level in the water is limited.

With this salt-chlorine method, comfortable feeling from the water will bring many benefits for your health. The limited amount of chemical cencentration will help you to keep healthy and safe to swim in the pool.

Salt chlorinator produced the chlorine in limited concentration than in the real saltwater. So the water will not be too salty.

Safe for your skin and body

Another Salt Chlorinator Benefits is that this machine will help to clean and maintain the pool properly. Even many people suggests that salt chlorinator needs minimum treatment, but using saltwater will still require little maintenance.

This device is also recommended to use because it will make your skin, hair, and eyes do not have irritation, allergy, or any skin problems. Because saltwater will avoid you from allergy agents that are usually found in pool chemical.

So, the saltwater chlorinator will support constant saltwater level that make you enjoy the water when swimming.

If we compare to manually adding pool chemical like chlorine, this high level of adding chemicals will cause much irritation in sensitive skin.

Instead, using saltwater chlorine technology will make your skin softer, and safe for your eyes and hair. Because of this effect the same as in natural pools that have limit amounts of chemical treatment.

Saltwater pools from salt chlorinator will reduce skin and eye irritation and greatly reduce the chlorine smell.

One thing to be noted is that the average level of salinity is 3200 ppm. There are, the saltwater will kill acne, open up pores, ease joint pain, reduce inflammation, heal small cuts and scrapes, also soak up excess bodily oil.

Next, Salt Chlorinator Benefits that we can get is pool water will be very clean and sparkling than ever before. Salt chlorination is a natural sanitization method, so this step will be very safe from harmful chemical like chlorine.

Besides, saltwater offers a pleasant healthful swimming experience with fewer chloramines produced, as well as eliminating the harmful chemical.

Simple maintenance

Simpe maintenance of salt chlorinator will help you to not wasting your time. Because by using salt chlorinator, you don’t need to do anything except adding salt and replacing salt cell for every 3-5 years. To support all the proses, as pool owner you should know the procedure.

To keep ideal, you need to make the salt constantly in a level between 2000-3000 ppm and calcium hardness under 2000 ppm. By this, salt chlorinator will give a natural crystal water effect, even if the water sanitizer is not added again.

In general, maintain salinity is very important. This salt chlorinator automatically has salt productions. With this simple maintainance, it offers a more convenient sanitation metode with a reliable system.

Efficient Maintenance Cost and Affordable price

Salt chlorinator has an affordable price than chemical chlorine. This means that this device will lack off-budget for you. Another benefits is that salt chlorinator will produce salt in minimum amount, this condition will support keeping the right level of salt in pool water.

It can be a flexible device both in individual or public pools, also in a spa or hot tubs pool water. One thing to note in using salt chlorinator is the salt water loss, that’s usually happens due to the rain water.

Some salt chlorinators are also believed to offer efficient and sustainabily to conserve pool water. In a long process, you should not worry about the maintenance.

Aother thing that should be considered as Salt Chlorinator Benefits is energy consumption. This is because the use of salt chlorinator is far less efficient in terms of electricity. The salt chlorinator is also able to minimize the harmful chemical from pool product used.

On the other hand, salt chlorinator gives sustainability, which means that the machine able to make chlorination of the pool but without releasing too much harmful chemical effects.

The salt chlorinator also works in 75 volts, this energy does not have a big amount volts. So there is no electrical risk, but it will prevent the storage and the usage of the corrosive product.

Moreover, automatic control and monitoring will keep the amounts of chlorine in ideal level. So, it is also able to produce the automatic sanitizer.

This means that this machine will be effective of reducing time-consuming maintenance while at the same time reducing budget. Not only that, salt chlorinator last longer time too.

The salt cell needs replacement once in 5 years. This condition will give you many effective cost and decrease your extra budget in every year.

Easy cleaning

Salt chlorinator benefits: product example
salt chlorinator benefits (example product)

Salt chlorinate will offer you an easy pool cleaning as one of Salt Chlorinator Benefits.

Because the system is automatically used to keep pH or salinity level in the pool, so it can press down the growth of moss, algae, and other substance that could possibly make the water dirty.

And because of this ability to press down microorganism growth, by using saltwater chlorinator means that you don’t need to add more sanitizers. But the important thing is, this kind of chlorinator will give you automatic pool maintenance as the chlorinator will will help to make a constant level of saltwater.

Moreover, Salt chlorinator is already proven, and the result is worth it for every type of swimming pools. Especially for those who have bad chlorine allergy, using this kind of product can avoid the harmful chlorine that will irritate skin, eyes, body, and minimize the allergic.

So, it is indeed very recommended to install salt chlorinator as the best choice for saltwater pools. Not only offering many benefits over traditional chlorinator system, but saltwater chlorination also produces clean, clear, silky-smooth water, that is very amazing.

Why should install salt Chlorinator?

There are so many reasons of why saltwater should be one of the equipment to treat your pool water. Research proved that the saltwater system is safer than usual chlorine pools.

This means that in the long term of using salt chlorinator, it will give many benefots to the swimmer.

Unlike regular chlorine pool with many chemicals that possibly causes bad risk, saltwater pools are able to produce softer, cleaner, and safer water.

This is possible because salt chlorinator produces limited amount of chlorine, so it will give much gentler effect to the eyes and skin. The last benefit to consider is because this machine is relatively easy to install in any type of pool, both in public pools and also individual or spa pools.

Moreover, salt chlorinator also has simple maintenance, so this is a very efficient product to be installed in your pools. The cost of salt chlorinator is approximately $2000.

With this price, you usually get all of the components and the filter. But, for the salt chlorinator only, you can get it in approximately $550. This price is not very expensive compared to the benefits it offers.

The salt chlorinator will able to be used in 10000 hours of active operation. You can make a number approximately up to 3 years long. To make the product work efficiently, it has several factors to keep like frequency of pool maintenance, salt level, chemical water, and the other.

Overall, Salt Chlorinator Benefits will offer many significant cut to maintain your pool in the most effective and efficient way. So, if you concern on health and efficiency, you can contact your trusted swimming pool contractor or pool product supplier to get this product installed in your swimming pool.

Originally Written by: Absari Hanifah
Edited by: Eko Prasetyo

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