An Explanation to Passive Entry System

Passive Entry System is a brilliant technology in the automotive industries today. This is a technology that brings us to the near future era, an era where things should run automatically.

With this system, you can open the door lock of your car and relock it again without even touching the key. Further, it also allows you to start your vehicle engine by only pushing the ignition button. Of course, everything will be much easier with it.

Indeed, above function is no longer imagination or something you could only see at the movie. But, with Passive Entry System, all those things can be done easily. Then, what is Passive Entry System actually is, what can it does, and how does it works?

Sometimes these questions are hard to answer.

And if you have the same issue, the following explanation may be useful in helping you understanding this system.

How Passive Entry System Works

Passive Entry System, A System for Easy-accessed Vehicle.
Illustrasion how passive entry system works

Passive Entry System is a smart key that makes you able to open the door of your vehicle without even touching the key. This function is possible with the presence of low power signal and electronic control unit.

When user approaches to the vehicle, the passive key will detect the low power signal emitted by the vehicle and automatically respond it by emitting the key code.

This key code will be responded by the vehicle and it will be transferred to the entry electronic control unit. If the code is confirmed and the door handle is pressed by the driver, the ECU will unlock the door by itself.

On the other hand, Passive Entry Unit can also be used to lock the vehicle’s door automatically. This function can be done by various ways, depending on the technology used by the vehicle itself.

Some vehicle can be automatically locked by touching the capacitive area or pressing a button that can be found in the door handle. Some other products can also be locked automatically by simply walking away from the vehicle.

Passive Entry System Needs to Obtain SDPPI Approval Before Marketed in Indonesia

Passive Entry System, A System for Easy-accessed Vehicle
Passive entry system must be approved by the Authority before enter into the market

It is generally known that to be able to get work, passive entry system need to employ frequency.

As stated before, the sensor of this system uses low power to transmit signal. This is the signal that will make the whole system works properly. With this signal emitting capability, this system is classified as post and telecommunication device.

And as stated in Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every post and telecommunication devices that are still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, are mandatory to have type approval certification.

Therefore, Passive Entry System need to obtain SDPPI Type Approval before marketed in Indonesia.

Some Popular Brands

This technology usually comes with certain vehicle brand as a built in product.

Most of big manufacturers such as Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Hyundai, Toyota, Daihatsu, Nissan, Honda, Bugatti, and others already applied this technology in their new car products.

But, for you who haven’t got this tech in your vehicle, some Passive Entry System brands could be the interesting to choose. They are Directed, EASYGUARD, Smart Car PKE, Cardot, Pyle, AutoPage RF, and others.

But, we do realize that there must be many other Passive Entry System products in the market that deserve to be considered.

Therefore, if you have any idea about this, you can put your opinion in the comment session below. Finally, we hope that this article could be helpful for you in understanding of this device.

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