Sony A5000 Camera For V-logger

Video blog or Video Log (V-log) is the one of the millennial trend at this time. Activities make the video is never missed from the camera.

This time we want to discuss about advantages specification Sony A5000 camera. Review Sony A5000 is very important and can helpful the V-logger when you want to change your camera.

Sony A5000 camera is the one of new product from The Sony Company when carry on theme “mirror less and viewfinder” camera. Specification Sony A5000 camera is very interesting and need to considered for beginner V-loggers.

The one of advantages specification of this camera is affordable price for new V-logger. Next we discuss about specification of Sony A5000 camera.

Specification Sony A5000 Camera Kit 16-50 mm

Sony A5000

• 20.1 MP Exmor APS HD APS-C CMOS Sensor
• BIO NZ X Image Processor
• 3.0″ 460.8 k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor
• Full HD 1080 Video at 60 i & 24 p
• Built-In WiFi Connectivity with NFC
• Hand-Held Twilight Mode and ISO 16000
• 25-Point Contrast Detection Auto focus
• Continuous Shooting up to 3.5 fps
• Photo Creativity and Picture Effects
• Sony 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens

Body Feature of Sony A5000 Camera

  1. front
    • Lens 1650 OSS
    • Rotation screen 180 ∘
    • Dove paint body
    • Rubber grab
  2. Left
    • Port HDMI, CHG, Memory slot
  3. above
    • 2 microphone
    • Flash button for internal flash camera
    • Power On/Off button
    • Shutter Zoom Electric Digital
  4. behind
    • Movie Button
    • Thumb Place
    • Scroll Menu
    • Play Button
    • Delete Button
  5. below
    • Tripod Place
    • 1 Speaker
    • Battery Place


lensa sony A5000

• Zoom electrical/ digital Lens with 1650 OSS lens

The several of specification Sony A5000 Camera on the top some V-logger will consider about: camera resolution, quality of result, storage, battery, frame per second (FPS), auto focus, video and sound, WiFi technology and GPS, also the Body Quality. The following about V-logger consider is:

  1. Camera Resolution
    Resolution is the important thing for the beginner V-logger, because it’s make the interest pictures or videos. Sony A5000 cameras have 20.1 MP of resolution with the APS-C sensor size. Even though it has a smaller size from Full Frame sensor, APS-C sensor it’s able to produce high detail of pictures or videos.
  2. Quality of pictures and videos
    One that makes the V-logger thinking about camera is the result of snapshot. Result of the snapshot will make pictures or videos interesting. Sony A5000 is have 1650 OSS lens and 20.1 MP of resolution for picture and 1080 Full HD video recording at 60 FPS, This camera need to consider for V-loggers.
  3. Storage
    Storage is the one has mind role, this is determine of how many pictures or videos can be made. Sony A5000 camera have menu for format the result before used, so V-logger can format the result as needed.
  4. Battery
    Life span of the Battery take effect of how many pictures can be made to. The greater of power so it can makes more pictures or videos. The Sony A5000 have power until 420 shots. Battery of the cameras also can change, off and refilled with charger.
  5. Frame Rate/ Frame Per Second (FPS)
    Frame Rate is size of speed frame or pictures shown per second in units Frame Per Second (FPS). Many viewers like some video uploaded with 60 fps HD resolution, why? It’s better appearance and details, not seem slow like slow motion, so many V-loggers make 60 fps as standard to make the beautiful videos. 60 fps is good because this is not to fast until there is motion blur severe and not too slow. Sony A-5000 have specific to make standard video with Full HD 1080 video Record at 60 fps.
  6. Auto Focus
    Auto focus is one of important things for V-logger, they need auto focus for make videos when they do activities some time they can’t always stop the record for change the mode or setting the menu. One of specification this camera is can make auto mode with 25- point contrast detection auto focus for snapshot picture and also viewfinder system to helping make video.
  7. Video and Sound
    Can’t be denied video and sound quality is makes every V-logger to choose camera. Advantages Specification of Sony A5000 camera have Full HD System with 1080 Video Recording at 60 fps and Continuous Shooting Up to 3.5 fps system. The camera also have 2 Microphones, it’s can make the good sound.
  8. Wireless and GPS
    Feature Wireless and GPS is bonuses from some camera product, one of them is Sony A5000. The Camera have WiFi and GPS feature for make it easy every V-loggers. Wireless specific is Built-In WiFi Connectivity with NFC technology, and has standard connectivity it’s, make accuracy and security which has been upgraded. The feature also can control long distance if connecting with remote control.
  9. Body Quality
    Camera body is take effect for mobility, because the size of the camera will make easy to grip. Sony A5000 body equipped with rubber grip and small size camera, not just rubber grip this is also have rotated screen until 180° and 3” size screen. Sony has a good structure cable, when we rotated the screen we can’t look the cables out. The Sony camera have touch screen feature and it is make user easy for take own pictures or videos.

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Advantages Specification of Sony A5000 have more profit for beginner V-loggers. The conclusion of the Camera is perfect at the price, with all specification we get almost part of the standard to be V-logger.

Sony A5000 is the mirror less and viewfinder camera when it’s low budged ever. So, if you want to be a V-logger it’s worth it and advantages.

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