Sony A9 Rumor, the new DSLR Flagship from Sony

This is about Sony A9 rumor. Supposedly comes with huge amount of features, the rumor of this camera has been posted in hundreds of world-photography medias.

It seems normal, since as we know, Sony Alpha is one of the highly-considerable Camera Line, and the A9 is Sony’s most anticipated product this year. This fact has strengthened the claim that Alpha line is the armor of the company to tackle down the world-camera market.

Facing face to face with other competitor such as Leica, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, and many others, this line has confidently walked into the battle of digital camera. And to win it, a signature is really needed to give this products line a strong character among others.

Fortunately, Alpha has successfully done it. With the iconic name and high quality it has, this line has emphasized what Sony can do to contribute in the photographical world.

We must remember the highly anticipated A7 a couple years ago. And now, even before the vibe of this camera is lowering down, the rumor of this camera’s successor is already hit the news.

It is supposedly to be Sony A9. So, what this rumor tells us, and will it really able to give us the deeper information about this product? Here we go, let’s talk about the Sony A9 rumor.

Sony A9 Rumor in New York City

Sony A9 Rumor, the new DSLR Flagship from Sony

This Sony A9 rumor firstly came from the fellow photographers in New York City who said that he saw someone using the “supposedly-to be Sony’s new DSLR flagship”.

At 5:35 pm in the afternoon, this witness was walking around in Battery Park, in downtown Manhattan. Then he saw someone carrying graphite looking camera came across, walking straightly to 1 world trade.

Closely, our witness watched this camera. There was no marking in that camera, so instantly the witness realized that the camera was a prototype. And based on the characteristic of that device, he believes that it was the new Sony’s DSLR product.

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Then, he was asking to the photographers about that camera. But, the photographer seemed uncomfortable with the question. He just said that this camera is a prototype, and about to be released by the end of summer. By this statement, our witness is totally sure that this camera is the new Sony DSLR since it has quite resemblance characteristic with the A7R II he was using.

He also said that the supposedly-to be Sony A9 is way much larger and boxier than the A7R II he was using. Further, he also believes that this camera is having dual card slot, Joystick, to move the AF Point, and Extra Fine 72M too.

Based on the Leaked Information

Sony A9 Rumor, the new DSLR Flagship from Sony

While another source tells us more detail info regarding to the Sony A9 rumor. This source was getting this info from the leaked data that tells Sony is working on its new DSLR camera.

This DSLR is supposedly to be A9, and will be presented as the full frame camera. About the sensor, it is supposedly to feature 24 MP sensor from the new FF sensor.

This FF sensor will get more advances too by having 400 AF Points with Burst Mode as the main attraction of this sensor. With the 14 FPS burst and 50-204800 ISO range, this camera is predicted to clear the bench of digital camera.

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With all Sony A9 rumor above, the presence of this imaging product is getting clearer. However, we still can’t predict the real specification of it. All the things we can do are only predicting it.

And based on the prediction that spread all over the internet, this camera will be great as its predecessor. And finally, that’s all of the information regarding to the Sony A9 rumor that we need to share. Hopefully it could be valuable, and helpful for you in predicting the real A9 will be. Thank You.

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