Bluetooth Car Audio, The Higher Level of Car Audio System

The development of automotive industries is getting faster these days. Now, car is not only as transportation tools, but it also has many other functions.  As a result, to give maximum comfort to the passengers, many manufacturers install so various kinds of feature to increase the functionality of their products.

For example, we can see it in the entertaining sector of a car. Especially in the audio system, you can find Bluetooth car audio in almost every car that is newly produced.  Moreover, some of them even use something more sophisticated features such as Airplay, DLNA, WLAN, and others.

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With the present of this technology, of course the passenger will get more comfort in riding their vehicle. And at the end of the day, it will increase the selling number of the cars.

However, presenting high level Bluetooth car audio in cars is not only aimed to increase the product selling number for the company. But, it is also used by company to show the world about their achievement in developing car audio technology. Therefore, it makes the atmosphere between cars manufacturer is getting tighter.

By using this device, of course manufacturers can reduce the weight of the car too. So the products become slimmer and slimmer, since the audio system in it doesn’t need any more wires. And automatically the car could achieve even higher speed than before.

Moreover, when you use this kind of speaker system, it will be so much easier for you to connect it with your device such as iPhone, Android, or Mac. Therefore, listening music from your playlist will be much easier.

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In addition, for you who like to stream music from online source such as Spotify and Pandora, this Bluetooth car audio device will be much more perfect. You can stream directly from your device and then listen them through your car audio system.

In addition, you will definitely not losing the sound fidelity because the sound that is performed in the car audio with Bluetooth or wireless device will be identical with the one in the source.

Bluetooth Car Audio Needs SDPPI Approval Before Marketed in Indonesia.

Bluetooth Car Audio, the higher lever of car audio system

As stated before, car audio with bluetooth has so many features in it. these features includes the one that employs frequency such as WLAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth. That’s why this device is classified to Post and Telecomunication device. Moreover, before distributed in Indonesia, all post and telecommunication devices should obtain SDPPI Type Approval certifacate first.

As quoted from Indonesian regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification, every communication device that still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification.

Therefore, we can conclude that Bluetooth car audio or other car audio with WLAN and any other frequency devices should obtain SDPPI Approval before it is marketed in Indonesia.

It is to make sure that the product is safe to use, no interference with other device and most important point is the product will not affect to the human healthy.

Some well-known Bluetooth Car Audio Brands

Talking about well-known Bluetooth car audio brand, we will have so many candidates in that fill the list. Most of them are the strong brands with high reputation in supporting automotive industry creating their superior products. And if you are about to afford one, below are some recommended brands.

They are American Bass, Critical Mass, Crossfire, Diamond Audio, Dynaudio, Earthquake, Elemental Designs, Focal, Fusion, Genesis, Helix, Image Dynamics, Incriminator Audio, JL Audio, Kenwood, Massive Audio, Memphis, Orion, Phoenix Gold, Pioneer, Powerbass USA, Precision Power, RE Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Seas Lotus, Sinfoni, Treo Engineering, TRU Technology, Tube Driver Blue, Xtant, and Zapco.

However, we completely understand that the products list above is so subjective. We realize that there are so many manufacturers out there that has interesting portfolios. So, if you are one of them, and you think your products deserve to be listed, all you need is contacting us or just put your thought on the comment section below.

That’s all we can explain you about Bluetooth car audio. For the customers, we hope that this information will be helpful in deciding what the best car audio that will be bought. And for manufacturer, we hope that this article could remind you that before marketing your products in Indonesia, you need to obtain SDPPI Approval first.

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