Various Types of Pool Buoys

Why do we need to consider Types of Pool Buoys? Safety aspect is very important in swimming and must be prioritized, especially when we swim in an open water venue such as lake, sea, and river.

In such swimming place like these, lack of swimming ability can be fatal. Therefore, it is important for a new swimmer to equipped his/herself with a number of swimming aids such as swimming Buoy.

Swim Buoy is used by people of all ages to support their activities while in the water. Mainly, this equipment is used as safety tool in case incidents occur.

As the goes by, and with the advancement of water sport technology, Types of Pool Buoys is also developed into various types with various function.

And as swimmer, whether we’re still in beginner or advance level, we need to know each type of swimming buoy and its function. Therefore, we can choose the one that fits for us or for other people.

Types of Pool Buoys for Recreation and Rescue

To help you understanding this, below are simple explanation of several Types of Pool Buoys along with its model and price:

Tire Buoy

This is the Types of Pool Buoys that is widely used by vast majority of people. As its name, tire buoy comes in ring shape or just like a common tire shape.

Tire buoy is universally used whether in public swimming pool or other outdoor swimming venue like river, lake, sea, etc. It’s relatively simple and easy to use, makes it sits as a top buoy choice. Generally, there are two tire buoy models available:

Fiber Tire Buoys

The first model is a tire buoy made of fiber, which is commonly used to help victims who drown in the water.

This buoy is designed with a bright orange color which is equipped with a silver vector line that gives a glowing effect at night.

Although the material is heavy with a weight reaching 2.5 kg, but this buoy has a high buoyancy level, which is effective to keep the victim floating.

Around the buoy body, it’s equipped with hole give space for hooking the rope. Later, the rope functions as an evacuation tools so that the rescuer can pull the buoy as well as victims to their boat.

You may see this type of buoy a lot on TV, especially on the news about water accident. To afford this buoy in Indonesia, the price ranges from IDR 250,000 – IDR 300,000.

Character Tire Buoys

Types of Pool Buoys - character buoy
Character Buoy – Types of Pool Buoys

You may see unicorn-shape buoy somewhere in movie or music video. That’s Character Tire Buoy. Besides unicorn, which apparently the most popular one, there are many other variants.

Character tire buoy is mostly used as swimming equipment or accessory for toddlers and children. However, many adults use it too like in party or just to have fun.

The material used is PVC vinyl plastic. For this type of buoy, price very depends on the size, diameter and thickness of the material used.

The quality of the material is certainly different from one brand to another. However, the selling value of these character tire buoys is generally in the range of IDR 50,000-IDR 300,000.

Pull Buoy

Pull Buoy is a Types of Pool Buoys that is towed or pulled in its use. It uses a rope that is attached to one side of the buoy. I will share 2 of the most popular pull buoy models, which are torpedo buoys and Airbag Pull Buoy.

Torpedo buoys

Torpedo buoy is a type of buoy that is usually used for safety in open water, such as beaches, lakes, or rivers.

This buoy is designed to resemble a SHAPE OF torpedo with a slimmer look. Torpedo buoys are also equipped with 3-6 pieces of anti-slip handlebar that are made jagged and bumpy, making it easier for users to hold on.

Types of Pool Buoys - torpedo buoy
Torpedo Buoy – Types of Pool Buoys

The application of torpedo buoy is also quite simple because the life guard officer only needs to throw the buoy that has been tied with a rope as a crane.

Although widely used for safety, torpedo buoys are also often used for sliding boards. Prices for one torpedo buoy unit range from IDR 220,000 – IDR 380,000.

Airbag Pull Buoy.

This pull buoy is often applied when swimming in open water. These buoys are used by blowing it so they can expand.

Equipped by a belt strap, swimmer can tie this buoy to the waist. Your swimming speed will not be interrupted when using this buoy because the load is very light.

The function of Types of Pool Buoys is not only help you to maintain the position of the body remains floating on the surface of the water.

However, Air bags can also function as bags for personal needs, such as selfie equipment, food and beverage supplies.

Types of Pool Buoys - airbag
Airbag Buoy – Types of Pool Buoys

These buoys are available in various sizes ranging from 15 liters, 20 liters to 28 liters. Ideally, this buoy with a volume of 15 liters can be used for people weighing less or equal to 80 kg.

If your weight is more than that, it will be better if you can use the buoy with bigger size. The price for one pack of this buoy is in the range IDR274.000 – IDR400.000.

Life Jacket

These buoys are often worn by people who ride on marine vessels as safety equipment in the event of an incident. In its development, there are 4 models of life jackets, including:

Offshore Life Jacket

The first jacket buoy model is ‘Offshore’ which is more functioned for open waters with sufficiently heavy currents or waves. The main characteristic is the collar which is designed thick and tall so that it can protect the face or head from water.

This buoy has a good buoyancy in a long time. The price of one packet premium quality Offshore Life Jacket can reach IDR 750,000.

Near Shore Life Jacket

When compared to the first model, the type ‘Near Shore’ has a thicker material and not too large. This buoy model is suitable for waters with calm water conditions.

However, this model cannot last for hours on the surface of the water. The price of a ‘Near Shore Life Jacket’ standard quality starts from Rp. 200,000.

Floatation Aid

Flotation Aid is one of the most used life jackets because it is a standard model at an affordable price.

This buoy model is included in the life jacket category that is suitable for calm waters. However, using this buoy for hours in the waters is not recommended. Prices for one pack start from IDR 86,000.

Special Use Device

The “Special Use Device” model life jacket is widely used abroad in cold climates. This is because the model is classified as multifunctional.

It can be used for float on the water or as a jacket that can be worn during winter. This life jacket is available starting from IDR 250,000.

Board Buoys

Types of Pool Buoys - board buoy
Board buoy – Types of Pool Buoys

The next Types of Pool Buoys that is widely used is a float board or called swimming board.

This types of pool buoys functioned as a tool to float, swim training, or slide into the water. At first glance, this buoy is almost like a torpedo buoy, but the shape is flatter and wider like a board.

The material used is made of thick plastic, but not easily broken and has a high buoyancy. The buoy boards can withstand loads of up to 100kg making it safe to use. The price offered for one unit is very affordable, starting from IDR 30,000.

Stick Life Buoy

Stick buoys are a little strange in Indonesia, but are commonly used in other countries as a floating aid. The material used is foam, which is lightweight, waterproof, and flexible with many bright color choices.

These buoys have a variety of lengths and diameters and support for use by children and adults. Not only as a swimming aid, the stick buoy is also often functioned as a tool to sit, water gymnastics, and water therapy media. The prices for one stick buoy are quite affordable, starting at IDR 70,000.

From the many Types of Pool Buoys that have been outlined above, you can choose according to your needs. Make sure the size of the buoy that is purchased in Pool Equipment Provider is just right and comfortable to use both in the pool or in open water.

Types of Pool Buoys Originally written by: Irdan Herdiat
Edited by: Eko Prasetyo

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