6LoWPAN Network, What It is, How Does It Work

6LoWPAN network, narmadi.com. Internet of thing (IoT) is an interesting concept to be applied. And when it is fully applied, what we see will be nothing but future.

This is the real reflection of future, where every single device is connected to each other. Not only connected, but these devices also able to do data transmission.

So, checking status of certain device will be easy and can be done on the line. This is also the concept that makes the realization of smart home can be achieve soon.

And to support it, we need a kind of network that is able to work even in the smallest level of device. This is where we need 6LoWPAN network, a Supportive Network for Internet of Thing Concept.

What 6LoWPAN Network Actually is

Get connected with 6LoWPAN Network, a Supportive Network for Internet of Thing Concept.

This network might not be as familiar as others such as GSM, WLAN, WCDMA, etc. But, one thing for certain, it really exists and will be beneficial to support the Internet of things concepts.

The 6LoWPAN is actually an acronym. It stands for “IPV6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Network”.  Then, for the usage, there are many kinds of usage that this technology has. And as an example, the 6LoWPAN network is also used as the name of working group that works in the IETF internet area.

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Realizing that Internet of Things is nearly becomes fully applied, so the manufacturers should be ready to present their supportive technology. This is where 6LoWPAN network matters, as the best network connection to be applied in the small devices.

Further, the building process of this kind of network is the idea that internet protocol should be able to be applied to every device. These devices covers all of the devices that needs to be connected, even for the smallest one.

So, the low power device which has limited processing ability still has capabilities to contribute in the Internet of Thing concept. Read more about 6LoWPAN Network in this wiki page.

How does it Works

Get connected with 6LoWPAN Network, a Supportive Network for Internet of Thing Concept

The 6LoWPAN group already defined that the mechanism of this network should allow IPv6 packets being sent or received via IEEE 802.15.4 network.

To be more specific, the IPv6 and IPv4 are the data package sending agent for Metropolitan Area Network, Local Area Network, and Wide-area Network.

While the IEEE 802.15.4-based device, it is the device that is able to sense communication capability in wireless domain. Then, how is the application of this network? Could it really be the answer for Internet of Things concept? Here is the explanation about it.

The Functionality of 6LoWPAN Network

With such a unique combination of mechanism, there will be complex functions of this device too. Mainly, this 6LoWPAN network is used in radio communication device.

The RC device here is the one with with low power and some other devices that need wireless internet connectivity. The real example of this application is on the home automation, and office as well as factory automation too.

With this kind of functionality, this kind of network will be perfect in Internet of Things concept. This is due to its ability to be applied in several small devices.

With this ability, can you imagine how many devices could be connected to create a system? Of course, when the time comes, we can enjoy the unlimited connection inside the system of Internet of Things.

Finally, we hope that the information about 6LoWPAN network here will be useful in updating your understanding toward the technological updates.

And if you have any other ideas about it, it will be so much appreciated to put your thought in the comment session below.

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