Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth technology has been viral. It is used in almost telecommunication in the world. And for now, we’ve already familiar enough with the latest version of this technology, the Bluetooth 4. But, we know that technology moves so fast.

Even before the Bluetooth 4 is fully penetrated, the new kind of Bluetooth is already invented. It is Bluetooth 5. So, what will we get from this new version of Bluetooth? Here is the brief explanation about it.

What Should be Expected from Bluetooth 5.

Bluetooth is a technology that is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest (BSI). With more than 25.000 members consist of mostly companies, this technology has been the patents of transferring technology.

Firstly invented by Ericsson, one of the popular telecom vendors, in 1994, this data transferring technology attracts people’s attention instantly.

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At first, it was actually aimed to be the alternative of wireless. With its high functionality, Bluetooth has been the standard technology for data exchanging with a short range.

To get work, this technology uses UHF radio wave in between 2.4 to 2.485 GHz. And after all this years, we have arrived at the Bluetooth version 4. But, it is highly predicted that the next generation of it, Bluetooth 5, is about to be launched.

The launching date if Bluetooth 5 itself is predicted to be in the late of 2016. Or, if the company is still needs some improvements, it will be delayed until the early of 2017.

And in this new version, there are some focuses of the developer as improvements of the previous version. Especially on the energy use and performance, the manufacturer has promised that the next generation of BT will be beyond satisfying.

What are Offered by Bluetooth 5

What Should be Expected from Bluetooth 5

Power consumption has been the biggest issue in technological world. Many manufacturers has tried to create the high performance technology with less power consumption, including the Bluetooth 5 developer.

To make Bluetooth 5 comply with the recent standard, the developer will bring the quadruple speeds and wider range of connection. The connection itself is predicted to be four times wider. But, the most interesting thing here is the power consumption itself.

With the relatively better performances, Bluetooth 5 will consume less power than the previous version.  Further, this Bluetooth version also offers the ease access.

Based on the trusted news, the Bluetooth 5 beacons doesn’t need to be paired when you are about to use other BT devices such as BT headset, BT speakers, BT accessories, BT Scanner, and others. Therefore, for the people with high level of business, this kind of Bluetooth will be more than useful.

Lastly, as I stated before, energy consumption is the biggest issue in technological world. And it is anticipated nicely with Bluetooth 5 developer. And as it is said, the Bluetooth version 5 will reduce the advances and overhead in protocols.

That’s why it will allow this Bluetooth to improve the device battery use. Therefore, you can get a longer lifetime than when you are using the previous version of Bluetooth.

That’s all we can expect from Bluetooth 5. Hopefully, this technology will be released soon, so we can enjoy the high level of data transferring. Further, if the penetration of this technology could run well, the information could be distributed faster and easier too.

May this article will be useful, and could educate you toward the new trend in technology. Thank you.

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