What is Wireless Energy Transmission

Wireless energy transmission might something new. But, the application of this technology is really promising to be used in the following years.

As we know, wireless technology has been popular among society in the recent days. We can almost find the application of this technology in many aspects of life.

The most popular one is on the file transferring system. Something like Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, Zigbee, and many others are just few examples of wireless technology that is used virally in transferring file.

And the good news from it is that this technology keeps evolving, creating more possibility and variation of wireless technology applications.

Not only in file transferring, but this evolving process also reached in the energy transferring. This is what we call wireless energy transmission, which will be the main topic of our discussion now.

Wireless energy transmission has been used since a long time ago. It was firstly demonstrated in 1980s by Scientist Nikola Tesla. But, this technology just became popular in the recent decades due to the improved performances of it.

Get Instant Energy Transfer with Wireless Energy Transmission

Recently, many of the phone manufacturers have introduced the new kind of phone charging system, which is called wireless charging.

This is the new kind of charging system that is able to transfer energy, or in this case is electricity, from the energy source to the phone device wirelessly.

With that charging system, users can charge their phone without even need to deal with cord connection. All they need is only placing their device the charging unit, simple and tidy.

This is the simple example of wireless energy transmission. So, what is wireless energy transmission actually? To explain you about this matter, here is our brief explanation about it.

What is Wireless Energy Transmission?

Wireless Energy Transmission

Wireless energy transmission, or usually called wireless power transfer (WPT) is basically a technique to transfer power or electricity from the source to the electrical load directly without involving any conductor. In other words, the power transfer process will be done wirelessly.

In this technique of power transferring, we will hear the term of wireless power. This is the term that is used to refer to several kinds of power transmission technologies that use magnetic, electric, or even electromagnetic field.

In its operation, the wireless energy transmission device employs wireless transmitter that is connected to the source of power.

This transmitter will convey the energy field to get through across space until it arrives to the receiver. In the receiver, the energy field will be converted again to be electrical current.

Then, how’s this power can be transmitted wirelessly? Or, the exact question is what technique is used in this transferring process?

Apparently, this power transfer is divided into two kinds, the radiative and non-radiative. Each of this technique will be explained in below explanation.

radiative technique

In the radiative technique, the energy is transferred by employing electromagnetic radiation beams. This is why this technique is also called power beaming.

This is the similar technique that we can find in the laser beams or microwave. One of the benefits of using this technique is that we can transfer energy even in such a long distance.

The second technique is non-radiative one. This technique is quite simpler compared to the previous one.

In its application, the non-radiative wireless energy transmission device employs inductive coupling of wire coils to create magnetic fields. By this magnetic field, device will do the energy transfer process wirelessly.

The Application

It is already stated above that the simple example of wireless energy transmission can be seen in the wireless charging.

But, this is only the little part of this technology. In the future, this kind of energy transfer might be used for something bigger than that.

This is due to the practicality that this technology has. And besides used in the wireless charging system, this kind of energy transfer has been used in the in several aspects of life, as stated below.

For the radiative technique of wireless energy transmission, this is expected to be used in solar power satellite. Japan and China are the few examples of countries that obsessed with this technology.

The idea is by creating solar power in space, and transferring the energy created by using power beaming technique.

This technique is chosen due to the characteristic of radiative energy transferring which is able to transfer energy even from the very long distance. Moreover, this radiative technique is also used in the wireless-powered aircraft and also drone.

Other popular applications of wireless energy transmission are involving the non-radiative technique.

Mostly, this technique is used in some simple charging system such as electronic toothbrush charger, smartcard, RFID Tags, or other kinds of charger in the medical equipments.

Wireless Energy Transmission application

Moreover, the non-radiative energy transferring technique is also used in some more serious charging system. For example, some electric vehicle manufacturers are planning to use this kind of charging to charge their vehicle instantly.

Further, we can also refer the charging system in cellphone, music player, or even computing device to the application of non-radiative energy transfer technique.

The Issue of Using Wireless Energy Transmission

Issue of Wireless Energy Transmission

Even if the wireless energy transferring are claimed to be effective, efficient, and has a big potential to be used in the future, there’s still several issues around the application of it. This issue is regarding to the health risk of this technology.

Even if this risk is still not scientifically proven, but people believe that the overexposure of electromagnetic field is really potential to cause injury for either people or other living things within the electromagnetic fields.

Overall, as it is always stated before, this technology is very potential to be used in the future. And remembering that it has high practicality and effectiveness, we believe that this energy transmission method will always be developed to reach its ideal.

And as this development system is running, we also need to be ready in accepting this technology.

At least, by understanding it, we will be able to use it in a proper ways. So, that’s all we need to share about wireless energy transmission. Hopefully, it will be able to lead you to the understanding of this technology.

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