Get the More Zoom with Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm

Before jumping in to the main topic of this writing, which is Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm, it will be better to read other camera-related articles. We have provided many articles related to it which will definitely attract your attention. And one of these articles is related to the digital camera manual.

The world of photography is getting more serious these days. It is proven by the advancement of manufacturer in producing high level camera to support the field of photography itself.

Moreover, not only camera devices, but many manufacturers also produce the complement devices to make the camera functions even better. One of these complements is lens, which will become our main topic of the day.

And one of the superior lens product that we think already has high capability in producing image is Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm. then, what is the detail of this Canon camera lens? Here is the detail of it.

The introduction to Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm

Get the More Zoom with Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm.

As a Japanese well-known camera manufacturer in the world, Canon has always tried to bring something best among its product line. This is not only occurs on their camera product, but also its equipment.

Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm is a lens product produces by Canon to support the functionality of their camera line.This product is actually purposed for EOS M models, which are mostly comes with compact system cameras.

And to give you the clearer view about this sophisticated lens, below is the main specification of the lens.

The Specification

Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm

You will never get bored of using Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm. especially when this lens brings stylish and professional look. Its size is just about 23.7 centimeters in the length. The weight is mere 105 grams.

From those two things, you will know that this product is one of the lightest and smallest Canon lenses ever. Moreover, it also comes with grey color which performs professional and glossy preferences. And in getting perfect focus, you won’t need additional effort since the focus ring is designed near to you.

Moreover, the sharp result made by this lens is very surprising. If you are using f/2 on wide open position, you are going to see the main differences on the sharp result. And as the high tech lens, it can reach the focal length up to 35mm.

Although this lens is not designed for macro usage, Canon EOS M EF-M 22mmworks very well in capturing macro objects. It is proven by the ability in reaching the magnification up to 0.21 x with 6 inches minimum close-focusing distance.

For those who are willing to capture object in the dull area, EOS M EF-M 22mm can be a good choice. At f/2 bright lens, you are going to get fairly bright images.

It is also very possible to create bokeh with this lens at wider apertures, such a good feature that you might not get from similar lens sizes. So, for you who want to obtain a better photography result, this Canon camera lens is highly recommended.

Price and Impression

Now, it is easier for you to get amazing images just with this small lens. You don’t need to bring the big lens since it eats the storage a lot. So now, it is time to change your big lens with the simple one. And Canon EOS M EF-M 22mm is the best choice to do that. Talking about price, this lens is offered at 249 USD. That price is the average price from many online markets. You will probably find the higher or lower price in different places.

One of this lens’ users name “ysoli” states that this lens is very small. It has f/2 aperture. This lens belongs to very high quality lens and cheap. Moreover, the account “Jenefator” in different website says that this lens is the reason he bought into the EOS M system.

There is nothing to have anything like this lens. Get it and make your life easier than before. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it and feel the vibe of this photographical lens!

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