Remote Control of Alarm and Lamps for Motorcycle

Remote control, The penetration of motorcycle is pretty rapid these days, especially in the developing countries. This is mainly because the price of motorcycle is relatively cheaper than car. Moreover, it is also because people think motorcycle has much functionality especially in its ability to avoid traffic.

That’s why the order toward motorcycle products is always high. This thing is not only a profit source for the manufacturers. But IT IS also for other companies that produce motorcycle accessories such as remote control of alarm and lamps for motorcycle.

Remote control of alarm and lamps for motorcycle is one of the popular accessories for the motorcycle products. This is because security has become the big issue for motorcycle. There are so many cases where people lost their bike whether in public places or in their home.

That’s why many people use alarm device that can be controlled via remote control to secure their motorcycle from theft. And to add more functionality, many companies also include the lamps control system in this device. This system is quite similar with what we can find in the immobilizer for car. It is because basically remote control of alarm and lamps for motorcycle adapt the immobilizer technology in car.

But, if for car this technology is already mandatory to be applied, for motorcycle it is not. Only on some products, especially flagship of the company, manufacturers already apply this technology.

However, it is actually important to apply immobilizer into the motorcycle products. It is because based on the research, car theft cases can be decreased around 40% from the 1995 – 2008 period of time. So, if it can decrease theft on car effectively, why don’t we apply it on motorbike?

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Then, how does remote control of alarm and lamps for motorcycle work? The working process of the motorcycle immobilizer is actually quite similar to the one that is used in car. Simply, his device employs static code on its key ignition. This code will be recognized by the RFID reader.

If the code is match, then the control sent from the key ignition will be accepted and proceed by the vehicle. Even in the newest series of motorcycle immobilizer, we can find the cryptography technology to prevent codes copying.

Remote Control of Alarm and Lamps of Motorcycle Needs SDPPI Type Approval Certification Before Marketed in Indonesia

Remote Control of Alarm and Lamps for Motorcycle

As stated before, Remote control of alarm and lamps for motorcycle employs RFID technology to get to operate. By this fact, it means that this device is classified to the post and telecommunication product. And as quoted from the Indonesian regulation No. 161 Tahun 2019, it is mandatory for every post and telecommunication devices that are about to be marketed in Indonesia to obtain SDPPI Type Approval Certification. Feel free to contact us if you want to obtain SDPPI approval.

Therefore, if you are a manufacturer that are about to distribute your motorcycle immobilizer product, you need to make sure that your motorcycle immobilizer has obtained this kind of certification.

Some Popular Brands

Remote Control of Alarm and Lamps for Motorcycle.(1)

Talking about brands, you will definitely get the very long list since there is so many manufacturers that manufacture this device. Therefore, if you want to buy it, you better make sure that the product you are about to choose is qualified enough.

It is because the quality of your remote control of alarm and lamps for motorcycle is directly related to the security of your motorcycle. And as reference, this following brand list can be used as a reference.

These brands are Magnum RemusShield Finger Sense, ROADLOCK, and Motorbike Alarm. Further, you can also choose Xena, Gorilla, Talon, Mars Ghost, Meta System DEFCOM, Hawk X, Steel Mate, Quality SPY, etc. However, this list is not absolute.

There must be any other brands which might have the same or even higher quality than the brands we’ve mentioned before. Therefore, in closing, if you have thoughts about the contents of this article, we invite you to put your comment in the comment session below.

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