Bluetooth Technology Wallet, No More Lost and Get Secured

Bluetooth technology wallet, – Seeing nowadays condition, it seems like security is something important, especially on wallet. This is due to the fact that wallet stores many kinds of useful things such as cash, credit card, ATM, etc. Therefore, it needs to be protected in order to make what’s in it stays safe. We already talked about RFID blocking wallet previously.

This is the combination between RFID technology and wallet. By using it, our RFID-contained card such as ATM and credit card will be protected from the outside interference.

However, we are not going to talk about it anymore. But, we will move to the Bluetooth technology wallet. What is it and how does it works? Here is the brief explanation of it.

What is Bluetooth Technology Wallet?

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be if your wallet is trackable?

And how great it’s going to be if you lost your wallet then you can find it again through your smartphone?

No More Lost and Get Secured with Bluetooth Technology Wallet.

With the development of technology, these things will no longer be imagination anymore. As we know, security is a big issue nowadays, especially when the number of pickpocketing cases is increasing periodically.

This thing sometimes makes us doubt in putting the crucial stuffs such as ATM and credit card in our wallet. But luckily, engineer has been succeeding in solving this security matter with Bluetooth technology wallet.

You might be confused with what makes it different between RFID blocking wallet and Bluetooth technology wallet.

These devices seem similar, but in fact, they are different. In the case of RFID blocking wallet, the RFID technology is employed to block radio interference from the outside.

But, in Bluetooth wallet, the Bluetooth technology applications is used to track the wallet. So, whenever you lost your wallet with essential cards in it, you can easily track its position with your smartphone device.

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How Does it Works

Basically, there are two possible ways in making Bluetooth technology wallet possible. Firstly, you can but the wallet and the tracking device separately then combine these devices at once.

But, this thing is really risky in term of fashion and effectiveness. Even though many tracking device comes with the slim shape nowadays, but most of them are comes with thick form, which will make your wallet becomes thicker.

Further, there will be any issue regarding to the compatibility of the wallet with the tracking device itself. This wallet is supposed to use Bluetooth Low Energy.

So, the best choice is by buying the wallet with Bluetooth tracking device inside. Besides the high compatibility if this device, most of these wallet also comes with the fashionable slim design. Then, how come this device becomes trackable? This is a good question.

The answer is on the Bluetooth device installed in it. The Bluetooth is not working on its way, but it collaborates with the GPS device. That’s why you can track the position of the wallet. Then, how the Bluetooth works in collaboration with the GPS? Here is the detail of how this Bluetooth technology wallet operates.

How Bluetooth Technology Wallet Operates

No More Lost and Get Secured with Bluetooth Technology Wallet

When you forget where you put your Bluetooth technology wallet, the Bluetooth device in it will work as it supposed to. When your position is in the range of Bluetooth, then the BT device will emit signall that will be captured by your phone.

Then, the tracking application in tour phone will calculate the distance and position of the device from your coordinate. Automatically, your phone will display the position of your wallet, so that you can find it easily.

This technology will be so much supported by the presence of Bluetooth 5.

Then, how if the Bluetooth technology wallet is left outside of your range? Here is when the GPS plays its role. The GPS device will send the coordinate to you so that the position of your wallet will be trackable.

Besides GPS, sometimes this kind of wallet is also completed with the ringing function. You can control the wallet to ring by your smartphone. Therefore, whenever you left your wallet, you can track it again by ringing it.

Bluetooth device needs to be certified with SDPPI type approval. Read more about BT certification in here.

However, with this kind of functionality, this Bluetooth technology wallet will be very useful, especially for them who are often forget where they placed their stuff.

So, by using this wallet, you don’t have to worry again since it will be trackable. But, however, this technology is not giving you guarantee to keep everything inside your wallet remain un-stolen.

Therefore, you still need to be careful in keeping your wallet safe. Lastly, we hope that this information could be useful, and if you hve any ideas about this matter, you can put your thoughts in the comment session below. Thank you.

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