Canon EOS M5 Camera, New Knight in Mirrorless Camera Battle

Compared to the other competitors such as Fujifilm, Sony, and Panasonic, Canon seems not to have as much experiences in the mirrorles camera. However, this company aims to be more serious in field. This is complied with what was stated by Masaya Maeda, the Chief Executive of Canon, in 2014.

The photography company will offer more serious mirrorless camera in near future. And it was proved by the release of Canon M3. And now, right after a year of M3 release, Canon seems about to surprise us again with the new mirrorless camera product. It is Canon EOS M5 camera that is supposed to be Canon new front runner in the battle of mirrorless camera.

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General Specification of Canon EOS M5 Camera

Introducing Canon EOS M5 Camera, Canon's New Knight in Mirrorless Camera Battle

Technically, this Canon EOS M5 Camera is a DSLR-looks-alike camera. Further, it also has mounted electronic viewfinder in the central part with tilting touchscreen on the rear.  Seeing the design of it, it will remind you with the Olympus OM-D series because they both just share a couple of resemblances.

Only the EOS M5 comes with a smaller body and nicely designed array buttons and dials. While on the performance side, you will feel the faster operation. This is due to the presence of Dual Pixel CMOS AF and fast processor from the kind of DIGIC 7.

Seeing this specification, obviously Canon EOS M5 could be just the powerful compete in the mirrorless camera field. But, however, it seems like there are some disappointments that this camera has.

The Disappointments

Introducing Canon EOS M5 Camera, Canon's New Knight in Mirrorless Camera Battle

This disappointment comes especially to the fact that this Canon EOS M5 camera should be launched 2 years ago. This is the same time when Canon introduced EOS 7D II. It is because at that time, Dual Pixel Auto Focus might attract most of the camera lover’s attentions.

And by releasing it just now, it seems like the Company just losing chance to really rock the market of mirrorless camera. Even though the DPAF is really a differentiator in the Canon high-end DSLR class, but compared to the recent technology introduced by competitors, this features is not really something.

The Look of Canon EOS M5 Camera

But, over the lack of chance above, this camera comes with highly considered specification. Let’s see on the sensor it has. As the high-end camera level, Canon has completed this product with the 24.2 Mega pixels sensors, just like what we found in the EOS 80D.

Compared with the DIGIC 7 processor, this mirrorless camera is believed to be 14 times more powerful compared to the previous series. Further, the sensitivity comes in ISO 100-25,600 with raw 14-bit output. And with this specification, Canon EOS M5 Camera can shoot 7fps in AF, 9 fps in focus fixed, and 26 –frames in JPEG buffer.

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In the viewing area, Canon EOS M5 camera employs 2.36-million dots sensitive OLED EVF screen. This is the same screen that is used in the Powershoot G5 X. For more flexible use, this screen can also be tilted upward for the waist-level finder, faced forward fully for the selfies, and tilted downwards for creating overhead shoots.

Complemented with live view in 120 fps, this camera is equally compared to the Olympus OM-D and Fujifilm X-T10. And for more functionality, the company has bundled the screen with the ability of changing any setting and as electronic view finder.

Video Recording Ability

Introducing Canon EOS M5 Camera, Canon's New Knight in Mirrorless Camera Battle

Moreover, for you who like to freeze moments in a moving picture, this camera will be able to accommodate your needs as well. With the full HD resolution, Canon EOS M5 is able to record 60 fps video. And to support this function, Canon has added 3.5 mm socket stereo to connect the camera with microphone.

But, unfortunately, it seems like 4K video is something impossible to record with this Canon mirrorless camera. And it is such an embarrassment since this features has started to be standard for some devices from other companies.


While in the connectivity area, we can say that this one is quite advance compared to other Canon camera products. Here, you can find Bluetooth Low Energy version 4.1. With the use of low energy Bluetooth, the power issue can be overcome impressively.

Alongside with this BLE connectivity, you can also find Dynamic-NFC and Wi-Fi strengthens the connectivity sector of Canon EOS M5 camera. This connectivity can be used in advance file transfer as well as remotely controlling the device via live view feed. And to please traditionalist, this camera is also completed with the wired and infrared connection too.

Price and Release

Introducing Canon EOS M5 Camera, Canon's New Knight in Mirrorless Camera Battle

Well, that’s the end of the specification discussion of Canon EOS M5 camera. And now, we are talking about the release date and price tag of it. Based on the several sources, the Canon EOS M5 is ready to hit the market AT THE END OF November. And talking about price, this device is estimated to be tagged about 1.049 pounds for body only Camera and 1.149 pounds for a complete package with EF-M 15-45mm lens.

Finally, that’s all of the information we need to share about the Canon EOS M5 camera. Overall, with such a late release, we think that this camera is still relevant. Especially with the high specification it has, we’re sure that it is still able to compete in the mirrorless camera class. So, what are you waiting for? Just prepare yourself for the release of Canon EOS M5 camera.

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