Get Updated and Get Advanced with DASH7 Smartphone

DASH7 smartphone, We have talked about DASH7 Network technology in the previous article. We have talked about its application too. But so far, the application we have talked before was more about the general application of it. We haven’t really talked about it specifically.

So, in this very occasion, we will talk about DASH7 technology more specific, especially in its application. And to make it more specific, we have chosen one interesting topic, which is the application of DASH7 in smartphone. So, how the DASH7 smartphone will look like? Here is the explanation of it.

The trend toward smartphone is getting bigger time to time due to its high functionality. As a result, the development process of this device is aggressively busted.

Everything is done to make the smartphone technology can be complied with recent needs of users. One of the examples is by featuring smartphone with the newest technology such as DASH7. And the result is amazing.

DASH7 smartphone has been succeeded in increasing its functionality. Paired with NFC technology, there will be many things that users can do their DASH7 smartphone.

DASH7 Smartphone will be great with the Companion of NFC

get updated and get advanced with dash7 smartphone

Nokia comes as the first phone brand that uses NFC technology, following by Apple, Sony, Samsung, Blackberry, and other vendors. Since then, NFC becomes the new trend in smartphone world with the increasing number of usage. But, why do we need the DASH7 when we have NFC with quite similar functions? This is due to the different functionality of both networks.

This technology will be useful in the application of Internet of Things concept. Read more about IoT in here.

Basically, they are the technologies that will allow your smartphone to connect with other devices. But, both of them have the basic difference in term of range. NFC commonly comes in 10 centimeters range, while DASH7, it could be more than that. The transmission range of DASH7 is up to hundreds of meters. Could you imagine if your smartphone has this wide transmission range? That must be fun.

Further, DASH7 smartphone will also allow the device to have longer battery life. This is due to the low power that this kind of network requires. Therefore, there is no wonder if DASH7 can last much longer than NFC itself. Further, the ability that DASH7 has will definitely increase the functionality of your smartphone too. For example, with DASH7, your personal device will be able to connect with moving things.

Further, it is also ideal if your phone will be used to acquire sensor data. However, we should also note that there is one thing that this technology doesn’t have. Apparently, You can’t bet on DASH7 network when you want to do high bandwidth of data transferring.

Why this Matters

As it is stated before, by employing DASH7 technology, your smartphone will be able to increase its functionality. Let’s say that you want a longer battery life, it’s done. Or you want a wider range of transmission? Done. You want a smartphone with censor acquiring capability? It’s also done. What else? Safer mobile payment? Advance service of location-based application? Reliable ticketing system? All of them are done in here. Aren’t they enough to make you choose the DASH7 smartphone?

More information about DASH7 Technology, visit this wiki page.

Moreover, by using the DASH7 smartphone, you can get your job done with minimal impact in your privacy area. This is due to the basic principle of DASH7. Unlike Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radio that “open” while looking for other devices, which are Vulnerable to be hacked, DASH7 listens before talks. So it reduces the possibility for outsiders to get in.

Finally, that’s all of the information that can we share about DASH7 smartphone. Hopefully, this is able to update your technological understanding toward the recent update. If you have any other information toward this matter, we welcome you to put it in the comment session below. And whenever you think that this writing is informative, sharing it in your public page will be so much appreciated.

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