RFID Obamacare: Tagging People, Really? Is That Appropriate?

RFID Obamacare, narmadi.com. The development of RFID technology is getting massive. Now we can found this RFID technology applications in almost every sector of life such as healthcare, logistic, security, communication, and others.

Indeed, this technology helps a lot. Many jobs are done perfectly without risking too much effort. And at the end of the day, the use of this technology has been succeeding to increase productivity of the people.

But, recently, there is an issue that shocked us all, especially for the citizen of America. This is due to the US government’s plan to implant RFID chip, which is popularly known as RFID Obamacare chip, in its citizen.

Of course, it caused a big debate back then, especially when it comes to the moral aspect of this policy. Some people think that this RFID Obamacare application is a myth, or just the reflection of people’s paranoia. But, the others are strongly believe that this technology is a fact and still in on-going developmental process.

rfid obamacare tagging people really is that appropriate

And the worst part of it, the application of this chipis still in a gray area, whether this RFID Obamacare is mandatory to be implanted in all citizens, or only for the volunteers. It’s all just left public rolling around in confusion.

Where the RFID Obamacare Rumor Comes from

RFID Obamacare: Tagging People, Really? Is That Appropriate?

How RFID Tag works in here.

The rumor about RFID Obamacare chip implantation was firstly spread in the internet, emails, forum, and other kinds of mass media. This rumor has the strong relation with the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 HR 3200.

This HR3200 is actually a bill that was introduced to U.S. House of Representatives in July 2009. In this bill, there is a statement that stated that the government allow the data collection of outcomes data and post market safety through class II devices.

This statement is found in the section 519 which regulates the Food, Cosmetic Act, and Drug. And it is generally known that FDA has classified RFID chip as Class II device. There is no strict statement that says this RFID chip can be referred to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act HR 3590, or what we call Obamacare.

But, however, there is a gap that makes this connection between RFID chip and Obamacare program is actually connected. It can be seen from the section 519 that includes data collection service from Class II devices.

How RFID Obamacare is Supposed to be Used

In this blurry zone of RFID Obamacare program, the rumor is getting bigger. Even a big news media a NBC, it predicts that by 2017, all Americans will be tagged by this RFID chip. This is the chip that sizes as a grain of rice (about 11.5 millimeters). Inside this chip, there will be silicon microchip, tuning capacitor, and cooper antenna coil which are wrapped inside of biocompatible glass capsule.

This chip will be implanted in someone’s hand and believed to have much functionality. It can identify the host instantly. More than that, this chip will be able to record our biological information, used as tracking device, linked to our bank account, and linked to the access to several governmental programs such as healthcare, insurance, social protection, etc.

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The Debate

Surely, this technology will bring more simplicity. There will be no more “missing my card at home”, or “I lost my ID card, credit card, and stuffs”. It will stuck in your body, and can be accessed anywhere. However, this technology triggered so many protests, especially from the orthodox. Most of them relate this technology with the conspiration theory.

While the rest, they worry about the privacy, and morality of this technology. They think that this technology is only appropriate for animals, not person. Moreover, they also worry about the safety of it, especially if the government, mean to control its citizen by implying other technology in it. How if this technology will be used to threat people, to force them to follow the authorities.

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However, the possibility of this RFID chip implantation to be developed into something stated above is opened widely. And RFID Obamacare can be the starting point of it. Overall, regardless this technology is a myth or fact; we think that deeper study still needed to state whether this is good or bad.

And under the name of human right, right to have privilege, we think that this technology is not necessities for now. Finally, this is the end of our discussion. If you want to discuss more about it, the comment session below will be the best media to be used. And please be note, we’re waiting for you there.

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