EnOcean Technology, The Green, Economic, and Efficient Wireless Technology

EnOcean technology, narmadi.com. Imagine if you have a communication device that can harvest wireless energy around through and transmit it to the other kind of energy, and use it to communicate to each other. It’s…double Rock! Of course, it will be so interesting since supposedly, this communication device will only need a small amount of energy to do their communication, or, won’t need any energy at all.

It’s could be self-powered. For you who really dream about certain technology that has this kind of functionality, you can cheer up now. It is because the similar technology has been found, and it’s named EnOcean Technology.

EnOcean Technology is basically an energy harvesting technology of wireless. This kind of communication technology is marketed and manufactured by EnOcean Company which based in Oberhaching, Germany. While for the license and patent of it, they are owned by EnOcean Alliance.

Further, having the 1-3 layers of Open System Interconnection (OSI), the use of EnOcean covers physical, networking layers, and Data Link. Due to this functionality, in 2102, this technology was ratified as ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 International Standard. It means that as the international standard, this tech is guaranteed to be safe, and technologically beneficial to use.

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EnOcean Technology Operation

EnOcean Technology, The Green, Economic, and Efficient Wireless Technology

In its operation, this technology applies the principle of energy harvesting. This principle is applied by transforming energy fluctuation from the environment to be usable electromagnetic, thermoelectric energy, solar, electrical, and others. It also combines the ultra low power electronics and micro energy converters.

This combination will result the communication between switches, controller, wireless sensors, and gateways wirelessly and without any needs of battery.

Talking about the signals, they will be transferred as a data package. This packet is considered as small one, only about 14 bytes long with 125 kbit/s transmission.

This transmission also needs a small amount of energy since the 1st binary data is transmitted using RF energy. And you don’t even need to worry about RF collision since the package will be sent at the pseudo-random interval. While for the frequency used, EnOcean Technology uses 902 MHz, 868.3 MHz, 928.35 MHz, and 315 MHz.

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EnOcean Technology, The Green, Economic, and Efficient Wireless Technology

Talking about the application, this technology is supposedly used in many kinds of industry. The target market of this tech is transportation, industry, smart home and building automation, and logistic. Further, with its unique characteristic, it will be perfect to be used in supporting the concept of Internet of Things (IoT).

Some example of the products of EnOcean Technology is light switches and sensors that can transmit the signals in 300 meters distance outdoor, and 30 meters distance in building. This products, are also supposed to perform without any needs of batteries.

And the most interesting thing about these products is that they are engineered to be maintenance-free. What else do you need? With maintenance-free concept and no battery needed, using it will just cut your fee down.

By using this technology, of course, there will be many benefits that we can get. Especially, it is due to the decreasing cost. It is already proven in more than 250.000 buildings that already use this technology. And it works efficiently.

By using it, the building becomes more sustainable and pervasive in term of wireless standard application. Finally, that’s all we can share you about EnOcean Technology. We hope that it can help you in understanding this variation of wireless. And at the end, it could boost the use of it significantly.

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