HP iPAQ 211, HP’s Frontliner in Handheld Enterprise Devices War

HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld , – narmadi.com. If you are an IT manager, or even mobile professional, the presence of Enterprise Handheld must be really important. With this kind of device, your job will definitely be done instantly and easily.

It will certainly help you to organize every single business tasks, so that they will be well-executed. Moreover, by using this phone-like device, you can also run many work applications and wider range of third party solutions.All these functions can be found in a 7 ounces-light weight and 2/3 inches thin Enterprise Handheld called HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld.

HP iPAQ 211 Specifications

HP iPAQ 211, HP's Frontliner in Handheld Enterprise Devices War

This is an amazing Enterprise Handheld from HP that is labeled as the best handheld device of 2016. And as the best handset, of course this device has high level of specification.

Moreover, with the kind of size above and a 4-inch TFT touchscreen display, this HP iPAQ 211 handset will fit perfectly to your hand. Therefore, you can handle it comfortably in both outdoor and indoor.

Further, talking about specification, you will see something great here. There is no wonder, since this product is classified as the A-class Enterprise Handheld device. From the outside, we can see that it has an elegant design. Indeed, it is relatively much thicker than any modern smartphone.  But, for a handheld enterprise the design is amazingly stunning.

With 2/3 thickness and 7 ounces of weight, it looks solid with nice square design. And on the side of the body, you will find several useful ports. They are 24 pins connectors, mini USB, microphone, voice record port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, High Capacity card port, car SD/SDIO card port.

The Insider

About the operation system, HP iPAQ 211 already use Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic. Combined with the Marvell PXA310 624 MHz processor combined with 128 MB SDRAM and 256 MB flash ROM, this device will run your business application smoothly.

Further, accessing your work tasks won’t be something difficult since it has been completed with Ms. Office application. So, you will be able to access your Ms. Word, Excel, and Power Point documents whenever and wherever you want.

HP iPAQ 211, HP's Frontliner in Handheld Enterprise Devices War

Moreover, the connectivity of HP iPAQ 211 is really not a joke. Already completed with WiFi, Accessing Internet will be easier. Therefore, this device will keep you and all of your application up to date. Moreover, with the presence of Wireless Connection Manager, it will help you to longer the battery life.

In addition, the connectivity sector is also completed with Bluetooth. That’s why you can do data transferring more effectively here.

Another attraction of HP iPAQ 211 is the entertainment sector of it. The Windows Media Player in it will allow you to listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movies and videos. Further, the SD card in it will allow you to save more valuable files. In addition, the pre-installed game and other entertainment application will definitely make your day.

In the power supply, this handheld employs 2200 mAh capacity battery that will keep HP iPAQ 211 lives longer than any other similar devices in the market. This battery will make this device able to accompany you doing your business stuff. And, for you who are interested in buying this device which firstly introduced in 2004, you can buy it with the price around 475 USD.

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