An Introduction to Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth barcode scanner, – Scanner barcode could be something important in many industries such as warehouse, supermarket, factories, and many others. And actually, not only for the big scale industries above, barcode scanner is also useful for smaller scale of industries such as shop, library sale, store, stationary etc.

That’s why even for small business, the presence of barcode scanner is really essential. And if you are about to buy barcode scanner to support your business, we advice you to buy one kind of scanner that we think is more qualified than others. It is Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.

Indeed, most of the smartphone devices nowadays has already completed with barcode scanner.  But, to use this function, you usually need the help of third party application, which is a little bit complicated. Moreover, the scanning process is not really fast.

Therefore, you need to get Bluetooth barcode scanner for faster, more accurate and effective scanning process.  In addition, you also don’t need to focus your smartphone’s camera into the barcode anymore. All the things you need to do is only swiping the red beam in your Bluetooth barcode scanner.

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An Introduction to Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

With its functionality, automatically there will be so many kinds barcode scanner products in the market. And as stated before, we strongly advice you to choose Bluetooth barcode scanner than the corded one. By choosing it, there will be so many advantages that you can get.

Firstly, Bluetooth is a wireless, that’s why by using it you don’t have to deal with tangled wires and cord anymore.  Moreover, this device is also not tied at the host device, so you can bring it freer to do scanning even in the room corner. In addition, with the Bluetooth frequency it has, it can be paired to more devices as hosting. You can pair it with computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.

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And with the use of Bluetooth frequency, the scan range of this device also becomes larger than the one which is corded. By using it, you can scan barcode from about 30 feet distance or more. But, this range is obviously depends on the obstacles that the frequency should get through such as wall, shelf, and others.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Needs to Obtain SDPPI Approval before Distributed in Indonesia

An Introduction to Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Generally speaking, we know that Bluetooth barcode Scanner employs Bluetooth to get work. It means that this device use frequency in its operation. And based on the applicable Indonesian regulation, every devices that use frequency are classified to the post and telecommunication devices. That’s why they need to be certified before marketed in Indonesia.

This rule is taken from the Regulation No. 16 Tahun 2018 about telecommunication devices certification. It stated that every communication device that is still being produced, assembled, used and traded in Indonesian territory, is mandatory to have type approval certification. So obviously Bluetooth Barcode Scanner needs to obtain SDPPI Approval before it is marketed in Indonesia.

Well Known Brands

As I mentioned above, there will be so many Bluetooth barcode scanner that distributed in the market. And it seems like choosing one of them is not really an easy job. You have to consider so many things in order to get the best product that you want. But, to give you reference about this amazing scanner, here are some brands that we think has relatively higher quality than others.

These brands are Inateck, Honeywell, Esky, TaoTronics, Socket Mobile, Zebra, and Motorola.  However, this list is not absolute. there must be some other brands that have the same or even better quality than them. And if you have any idea about this, you can put your thought in the comment session below. Finally, we hope that this article is useful, and it’s able to improve your technological knowledge. Thanks for reading.

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