Multi Function Printer-MFP: Advantages & Disadvantages

Multi function printer, In this modern era, simplicity of the device is really important. People nowadays are looking for something simple, instant, and able to fulfill many kinds of needs. Or, in another term we called it “multitasking device”.

Fortunately, this trend is sensed perfectly by manufacturers. As a result, many manufacturers start to imply this concept in their products. That is exactly why we can find so many multitasking devices in the market, including Multi Function Printer (MFP). Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using MFP?

Here is the explanation about it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Function Printer (MFP)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Function Printer,

We already talked about this device previously. But now, we are going to bring this topic onto the surface again by discuss it deeper on the advantages and disadvantages of using this device. Multifunction Printer (MFP) is basically a printer that combined several function at once.

With this device, you don’t have to buy any more copier, scanner, printer, and fax machine separately because everything is offered in one single device.

With this kind of simplicity, many people prefer to choose this kind of printer than others. But, just like other technologies, there are still many disadvantages instead of its advantages. And due to this matter, we are going to discuss the both sides of it anyway.

So, for you who are about to afford a Multi Function Printer (MFP), referring to below explanation will be beneficial as reference.

Multi Function Printer (MFP) Advantages

Obviously, with its simplicity and functionality, this device will bring so many advantages for users. Especially when this Multi Function Printer (MFP) has the multiple functions at once, the practicality of it will be something that must have been obtained. And then, what are other benefits of using Multi Function Printer? Here is the brief explanation about it.

1. MFP saves more Money

Indeed, a Multi Function Printer (MFP) costs much higher than the regular printer.  And sometimes, this price make people is doubt to spend more money on this device.

But in fact, the calculation is not working that way. When you buy an MFP device, you will get at least the scanner, copier, fax, and printer functions in one single device. Therefore, you don’t have to buy them separately.

From this calculation, you will find that An MFP device is actually much cheaper than buying the whole printing products. Further, the lower cost is also gained from the reduced maintenance cost and service cost.

It is because maintaining 1 MFP device obviously will be cheaper than maintaining the whole scanner, copier, fax, and printer devices. Other than that, a Multi Function Printer usually has the faster printing capability than other kinds of regular printer. Therefore, you can reduce the printing time, which will affect on the increased the time effectiveness.

2. Multi Function Printer Saves Your Space

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Function Printer

Buying dozens of scanner, copier, fax, and printer at once and placing them in your office will be so much messy. It’s lucky if your office can contain all of those stuffs. But if it’s not, you should choose between your staffs or the devices, which one should leave the room.

To avoid this thing happen to you, choosing Multi Function Pinter will be the best choice. You can reduce the number of devices that you should buy and then place this MFP in the most strategic spot in the office.

More interestingly, it is also supported by the fact that MFP work faster than the regular printer. And it can be controlled wirelessly. So, besides giving you the effectiveness, this device also gives you tidier place since you don’t have to deal with tangle cables anymore.

Example of Multi Function Printer device in: A Closer Look to Canon i-SENSYS MFP6180dw

3. MFP Gives You Easier Support

Unlike when you use the whole printing devices (copier, scanner, printer, and fax machine), a Multi Function Printer (MFP) only needs one support or service center. Therefore, when you find something wrong and missing on this device, you only need to go to one service center.

This thing will also affect on the easy maintenance that this device has. If you use the whole printing devices, you might have to go several times to maintain each of them. But, with MFP, you only need to go to one single service center.

The Disadvantages of Using MFP

Besides the advantages above, there must be any disadvantages of Multi Function Printers (MFP). It is not much actually, but for some people, these disadvantages are quite intrusive. Then, what are the disadvantages of MFP? Here are the explanations of it.

1. Higher Power Needed by MFP

The thing about Multi Function Printer is that this device takes a lot of electricity power. Indeed, it has a lot of functionality. But, on the other side, people should also pay more cost to cover the electricity bill. Therefore, for home usage, we think that this device is not really necessary. Beside the high power it needs, we can’t maximize the whole functions of it. So, it will end up as a waste.

2. Less Time Effectiveness when Using MFP

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Function Printer.

Indeed, by using Multi Function Printer (MFP), you could do so many functions at once. But, the things is, the work flow in an office is sometimes pretty fast. People need to do printing and stuffs at once. And by using MFP, they technically couldn’t do it.

They can’t do printing, scanning, copying, or even doing fax communication at once.  Therefore, they need to wait for one task to finish, and then they can do the other, which is wasting time.

That’s all of the advantages and disadvantages of using Multi Function Printer (MFP). However, we should really understand that there must be positive and negative sides of a technology.

However, we hope that this article will be so much helpful for you in considering whether you want to use this device or not. And if you have any opinion about it, the comment session below is ready to contain your thought. Lastly, if you find this article is useful, sharing it will be much more appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Multi Function Printer-MFP: Advantages & Disadvantages”

  1. It makes sense that you would be saving money on a multifunctional printer instead of having to buy all of the separate components. It would be more compact as well which would allow you to have more than one if you needed. I wonder if they would be more efficient than having separate pieces or if it’s about the same.

    • Thank you for visiting our blog Kylie. Yes, we use this kind of printer in our office too, and it’s pretty efficient. However, at some point it’s a bit time consuming too when one our staff is scanning documents, then other staffs who want to do printing should wait until the scanning process is done.

      But, that’s it, everything has their own positives and negatives. But, one thing we like from MFP is the wireless capability of it. So every one can print thee documents without a need to connect their PC to the printer.


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