Portable Surveillance Radar

Portable Surveillance Radar (PSR), – narmadi.com. Continuing our previous post about radar, now we are going to talk about this device mode specifically. As we all know, there are two kinds of radar that in the existence, the maritime and surveillance radar.

And talking more specifically about this device, there is a kind of surveillance radar that just gained its popularity in the recent time. It is the Portable Surveillance Radar (PSR).

Or simply, we can call this radar as the surveillance radar which comes in portable size. So, how this device actually looks like and how is the detail about it? Below is the deeper explanation regarding to this matter.

What is Portable Surveillance Radar

Portable Surveillance Radar, a movable and Small Radar Equipment..
illustration of portable surveillance radar

Portable Surveillance Radar, or usually called Man-portable radar, is surveillance radar that has lighter weight and small dimension. As a result, this radar doesn’t need any vehicle support to move it from one place to another.

And in moving this kind of radar, we only need man’s effort since sometimes this device comes with the size of backpack. That’s why this device is so supportive to be operated in any difficult terrain.

So, it will be easy to carry this radar even to the most remote area that can’t be reached by vehicle support.

The Capability

Portable Surveillance Radar, a movable and Small Radar Equipment
illustration of the radar capacity

Even though this kind ofrRadar comes in the minimalistic shape, the capability of this device can’t be doubted anymore. With its small dimension, this radar is completed with dozens of sensors.

Combined with other facilities, this radar is able to detect, intercept, and follow both moving and unmoving object that is close to the ground. Further, the device is also able to combine the sensor capability with the unique properties.

With this combination, this device will be able to be used in special operation, battle field, intelligent data gathering, and other kinds of missions. While for the example of minor usage is on home security system.

Other capability of this technology is on identifying the target. With all of the sensors it has, the Portable Surveillance Radar is able to determine target based on the movement and size. That’s why this device will be perfect to be used in military.

So the army can identify the target and decide the best possible ways to take. But, outside the military world, this radar will also be valuable to be used in the border patrol. So, both police and army could identify outsider objects that enter to the border without permission.


Portable Surveillance Radar, a movable and Small Radar Equipment.
illustration – the use of radar software

Without proper software, this device is just un-useful equipment without any special purposes. But, paired with the proper system, this equipment will be so much beneficial for multiple usages.

Most of the device software has been completed with the capability of utilizing the different formats of map. Then, it displays the target object on screen.

And the more importantly, this software is also integrated with the complex system of the sensor. So it can maximize the functionality of this device in field.

In the connectivity sector, this Portable Surveillance Radar is sometimes already completed with Ethernet, WLAN, RFID technology, or even RS458.

Further, to support its functionality, Portable Surveillance Radar is energized with battery. This battery is relatively small but powerful. This battery can last longer due to the low power it needs.

Finally, that’s all of the information about Portable Surveillance Radar. We hope it can be beneficial and informative for you. And if you find this article is informative, it will be appreciated if you willingly share this page.

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