Rubee: What it is, Operation, and Advantages in Usage

Rubee, The functionality of RFID has been proven with the high number of application in many aspects of life.

We can see RFID application in the security, stocking, goods identification, health, and many others. However, it doesn’t mean that this technology has no lack. There are still many lack in RFID technology.

Mostly, it is on its inability to get through obstacle such as wall, steel, and others. Therefore, for some aspects, this technology is no longer applicable. That’s why we need some other technology that is able to overcome the lack of RFID effectively.

This is where Rubee plays its part.

What is Rubee?

Bored of Getting Unsecured RFID Go Using Rubee!.

What is Rubee? This is the typical question of people who just heard this term for the first time. It is because this technology is not as familiar as others such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or even RFID.

Plus, it is only used in the small range of technological field. But, for some people, especially the ones who work in the security system, this term might be so familiar.

Then, what is Rubee actually is? this kind of Radio Frequency technically is a active two-way wireless protocol which employs long wave signal of magnetic. This magnetic signal is used to receive and transfer any kinds of short data package (128 byte) in local network.

The Operation

Moreover, Rubee is actually designed to be applied in harshly difficult environment and specialized for high security applications. In its application, This Radio Frequency uses the similar protocols with the IEEE 802 and uses active, peer-to-peer, and on demand transceivers.

And what makes it different is that this kind of frequency employs low frequency which will affect to the slower, it’s about 1,200 baud, transmission rate than any other technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.

But, on the other hand, this low connection will affect on the high effectiveness of energy usage. As a result, using the battery will have much longer life with normal operation in near steel and water.

Bored of Getting Unsecured RFID Go Using Rubee!,
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More importantly, when using Rubee, you don’t have to worry about any interference since Rubee is able to get through the wall, steel, and liquid. This is the reason of why this frequency is perfect for the harsh environment. Further, it is also the only technology that can be detected from the door, briefcase, and vehicles due to its sensitivity.

Moreover, Rubee is the only technology that received approval to be used in security facility of U.S. Department of Energy.  This technology has also approved to be used in the high explosive area that has zero Safe Separation Distance. Another approval that has certified Rubee is Safety Zero SSD. With this specification, Rubee is perfect to be used in the security field.

One of the RFID applications: RFID Reader

Advantages of Using Rubee

Titled by Frost & Sullivan as the 2007 Technology of the year, Rubee has so many advantages in usage, especially on the use of Long Wave magnetic energy. As stated before, by using this technology, Rubee will be able to create longer life of battery.

Further, by employing low frequency, the Rubee device with low-cost lithium battery can lasts about 15 years without charging. Further, this RF technology is also considered as safe for human life. In fact, the Low Magnetic frequency that this device employs will not be absorbed by biological tissue.

Bored of Getting Unsecured RFID Go Using Rubee!

Further, the next advantage of Rubee is that by using this technology is due to the high security and privacy of this device. The tag of this device is using the technology that doesn’t allow people to listen from the distance or even the average ones.

With this technology, someone won’t be able to secretly listen to you unless they are close enough to you. In addition, this technology also has the high level of data encryption. This encryption is considered as uncrackable and safe. That’s why we often find this device applied in several US governmental sites.

However, we realize that there must be any positive and negative sides of this technology usage. Indeed, Rubee has the high security level but it has the transfer rate too. So, we should be wise in using it.

We really need to use it for the rightest purposes so we can get the maximum functionality of this technology. Lastly, if you find this article is informative, you may share it in your personal page so that the information here can be widely spread. And if you have any other idea toward this product, you might put your thought in the comment session below.

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