RFID Application in Healthcare: Assets, Safe Injection

RFID application in healthcare, narmadi.com. The application of RFID technology has been viral since the first time it was invented in 1971. This thing is due to the high functionality that this technology has. That’s why many people from the different backgrounds are trying to implement this technology into their field.

So, we can find the RFID technology applications in several parts of discipline such as education, welfare, communication, transportation, security, etc. But, in this case, we are going to talk about the application of RFID technology in one essential aspect of life, healthcare.

Yes, RFID is also applied in the field of healthcare. So, how is the RFID application in healthcare works and how the mechanism of it? Below is the explanation of it.

It is generally known that healthcare is industry which needs precision to make sure every single procedure is well-applied. So, the patient safety can be guaranteed.

For over years, healthcare has been using human being to take care of all procedures and make sure that everything is running well. But, the thing about human resources is that they have limitation in several aspects.

That’s what makes us can’t avoid many error possibilities when we’re using human to take care all of the stuffs. So, here comes the idea of employ the RFID application in healthcare industry. And to give you a better view to this matter, here is the explanation of it.

RFID Application for Assets Management

RFID Application in Healthcare: The Better Technology, the Better Health

The thing about employing RFID application in healthcare industry is that we can do a better assets management. By using RFID, you can tag the equipment in the healthcare facility. With this tag, you will be able to locate this equipment easily. So, whenever this equipment is needed, they can be easily found.

Moreover, this tag is also able to let you know essential information about this equipment such as when it needs to get service and how to do this. And all your staffs need to do is only make sure that the regular maintenance is done continuously. Therefore, the assets can be more durable so you can save more money for the other purposes.

Application for Stock Supply Management

RFID Application in Healthcare: The Better Technology, the Better Health

Bad stock management could effect on the bad things in a healthcare industry such as overstocking. And this is not a good thing since some kinds of stock such as medicines, vaccine, or even food sometimes have a short term of expiration date.

So, staffs in the healthcare industry nee to ensure that the stock is in a right amount to avoid wasting money to do restocking over and over again.

Here is where the RFID application in healthcare is needed. This is the same application with the one in the assets management. The principle is by tagging all of the stocks with RFID tag.

So when the stock is running out, the RFID reader can read this situation and automatically send the information to system. The system will sent the order request to supplier to restock supplies. Research shows that this RFID application could reduce at least 13% of inventory reduction.

RFID Application for Safe Injection

The next RFID application in healthcare is on creating safe injection for patient. Here, a tag is placed in the patient wristband. The information will be accessed by scanning barcode on the medicine bottle using RFID scanner, and match it with the information on patient‘s wristband.

Then, the data of this injection details as well as its prescription will be linked directly to the main hospital’s database and its traceability and inventory system. By using this way in giving injection, hospital will be able to make more accurate patient’s medical record and drug control.

The Safety of RFID Application in Healthcare

RFID Application in Healthcare: The Better Technology, the Better Health

One of the issues of RFID application in healthcare is in the matter of security. By not making the advance security system, it will be vulnerable for the main database to be hacked from the outside. That’s why the RFID application in healthcare should be paired with the advance security system.

So, whenever a healthcare institution is about to apply RFID technology, they should pay more attention on the protocol design and transmission. Therefore, when it comes to the application, patient safety and privacy will be safe.

However, we realize that in every technology, there must be positive and negative sides of it. So, regarding to the security issues, all the things to do is overcoming it by making a strong encryption. So that we’ll found our data is well-protected.

Lastly, that’s all the detail of RFID application in healthcare. We hope this article is informative, and can be useful for you in improving your technological knowledge. Keep moving in understanding with narmadi.com.

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