Approval Test Standard for HSDPA Modem

HSDPA Modem, Internet is one of the popular communication media in the world. With this kind of media, people can connect to each other instantly. It is also provides the easy access and relatively cheaper cost than any other media.

Therefore, many people prefer to choose using internet-based communication than others. Further, to get this internet connection, we need a bridge between our personal devices with the internet network. In this case, modem is one of the alternatives. And even though 4G modem is already launched, but the previous version of it, HSDPA modem, is still interesting to be discussed.

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Approval Test Standard for HSDPA Modem.

It is stated before, that 4G modem has been the new trends recently. But, however, the market still opens the big opportunity for its previous version, Modem HSDPA. And based on the research, the penetration of 4G LTE, especially for modem, is still uneven. Therefore, many people prefer to use HSDPA modem since it also offers the high speed of data transfer easier access. Then, what HSDPA actually is? The answer of this question will be answered in below explanation.

What is HSDPA Modem?

Before HSDPA, we must learn about HSPA first. HSPA is a substitution of two mobile protocols. They are High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) and High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). This kind of network offers the improvement of the performances of 3G network.

Then, it is developed further to be 3GPP standard, or what we usually know as HSPA+. It was launched at the end of 2008 and adopted world-widely in around 2010.  And with several improvements, the data transfer could reach 337 Mbps for the downlink and 34 Mbps in the uplink.

HSDPA modem is actually an evolved version of 3G modem. By using this technology, UMTS based network user will have a higher speed with a bigger capacity. Moreover, the HSDPA also improve the uplink. With HSDPA modem, the bearer is improved to be about 384 kbit/s.

while before this technology was invented, the highest bearer level is only 128 kbit/s. It is such a huge move for the world internet connection. Further, not only the bearer, but HSDPA modem is also increases the time for round trip for application and its latency. And with the release of 3GPP technology as companion, the 337.5 Mbit/s of speed will definitely be possible.

Indonesia SDPPI Type Approval Certification

Approval Test Standard for HSDPA Modem

With the high number of orders, many manufacturers are making Indonesia as a target market for their HSDPA modem products. But, before marketing their product in Indonesia, manufacturers should pay more attention to the Indonesian regulation that regulates HSDPA modem.

Therefore, their products can comply with the allowable specification, and it can be distributed legally. While for the regulation itself, PERDIRJEN POSTEL Number: 233/DIRJEN/2009 is the regulation which regulates HSDPA modem.

The detail of this regulation is as stated below.

If you are an English speaker, we have resumed it and translated in English so it will be understandable for you. And here is the English version of this regulation.

That is the regulation that regulates the HSDPA modem before it is distributed in Indonesia. However, if you are a manufacturer, you should pay more attention to that. Look closely to the requirements, and make your products comply with it.

That’s all of the writing about HSDPA modem, we hope it will brings good to you., and be a guidance for you in marketing your product in Indonesia.

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