An Explanation to Wi-Fi Passpoint

Wi-Fi Passpoint, In the past few decades, Wi-Fi has been the newest trend in technology sharing. With this device, there are so many things can be done easily and effectively.

For example, by employing Wi-Fi network, accessing internet could be easier and simpler. We don’t even need to connect our devices with wired network.

Therefore, having a tidier room with no tangled cable will not be impossible. Further, this technology also affects on the way devices are operated. We can see that most of the device now can be operated wirelessly, providing more ease and simplicity.

And to add even better performance, Wi-Fi alliance, the alliance that manage Wi-Fi technology, has issued another certification of Wi-Fi,  the Wi-Fi Passpoint. What Passpoint actually is? Here is the review about it.

What Wi-Fi Passpoint Actually Is

Go Faster and more Secure with Wi-Fi Passpoint, New Standard by Wi-Fi alliance.

Wi-Fi passpoint is actually not a new kind of Wi-Fi device. But, it is a kind of certification that is issued by Wi-Fi alliance to certify qualified Wi-Fi device. By being certified with this certification, it’s mean that a Wi-Fi device has fulfilled the requirements. Therefore, they are called “Passpoint Device”.

Then, from what parameter the certification is based on?

The certification is based on the Hotspot 2.0 specification. This is a standard of Wi-Fi technology which is copyrighted, owned, and developed by Wi-Fi alliance. By passing this certification, it means that your Wi-Fi device has been featured with maximum security and extreme internet services.

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Accessing Wi-Fi Passpoint

Basically, the operation of Wi-Fi Passpoint is all the same with other regular Wi-Fi devices. And the way in accessing it is similar too. All the things you need to do is placed your Wi-Fi device within the range. After that, you will be prompted with the user name and password.

If you have entered both user name and password, then you are connected to the Passpoint network. This Wi-Fi can also be accessed by most of the existing operation system. So, the possibility for your smart device to be connected here is openly bigger.

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Go Faster and more Secure with Wi-Fi Passpoint, New Standard by Wi-Fi alliance

There are many benefits in using Wi-Fi Passpoint, especially due to the high security it has and maximum service of internet connection. With this functionality, the Wi-Fi Passpoint will be perfect for several aspects.

For example is in the business. You can see on the explanation below on how business will be much more supported with the presence of this technology.

This one is due to the special feature of Wi-Fi Passpoint. This is the feature that makes Wi-Fi devices able to create multi layer of connection in one network.

For example, you can deliver two different networks through one network. Means that the Wi-Fi that accessed by director can be differentiated with the one that is accessed by the employee or guest. Moreover, your business will also be supported by the secure connection. So, doing internet banking will be much safer.

From the explanation above, we can conclude that Wi-Fi Passpoint is really important to be applied in the everyday life. Especially when it comes to the need of secure connection, this kind of network will be the dominant player in the field. Paired with simple connection and high speed of transfer, this network is worth to be tried.

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Lastly, that’s all of our discussion. We hope that this article is informative, and able to update your technological understanding. If you have some other ideas toward this technology, you can put them in the comment session below. Thank you.

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