Watchcase? Power Bank? It’s Amber. Brief Review of Amber Watchcase

Amber watchcase, It’s already acknowledged that Apple Watch has all the classiness and sophistication needed for a smart watch product.

It has technology, it has design, and it brings user to the new experience of using smart watch. But, enough talking about Apple Watch because we have talked about it a lot: in here, and here, and here, and in some other articles about Apple Watch you can find in this website.

So now, we’re taking you to the new topic about other device that could, or may be able to support the functionality of your Apple watch. It’s Amber Watchcase, a functional watchcase that’s specially designed for Apple Watch.

Amber Watchcase

What comes to your mind when you firstly see the pictures of Amber Watchcase above? Is it just an ordinary watchcase? Or a jewelry box? Or is it just a box to store your Apple watch and its accessories? If yes, then you may be wrong.

The picture above is Amber. Indeed, Amber is a watchcase. But, it’s not just a watchcase. The functionality of it is beyond of an ordinary watchcase.

It’s not only able to dock your Apple Watch gracefully, but it also able to charge it. More than that, it’s also a Power Bank. Three functionalities in one single device: this is the real definition of innovative.

Amber Watchcase Design

Simple and elegant are the first impression comes out when we see Amber. It comes in 3.98×3.98×1.83 inches dimension and 280 grams of weight. 

It also has a simple square box shape with 4 rounded corner, a familiar shape that we find in Apple products such as iPhone , iPad, and Apple Watch.


The watchcase is also built in very compact design with solid material. On the outside, it is covered with anodized aluminum for strong construction.

For your information, Anodize aluminum is the kind of aluminum used in Macbook. While on the inside, it has soft plastic material. This design is internationally acknowledge by winning the iF Design Award back in 2016.

On the top side of Amber Watchcase, we can find a small button and five LEDs in a row.

These LEDs give user information about how much power is remaining in the battery. So, you can charge Amber quickly as soon as you find out that there power is low. Go to the rear side, we can see two USB ports.

Amber Watchcase design

These ports come in different size. One is standard port, and the other one is micro USB port.

The standard micro USB port is used to charge Amber, and the standard USB is used to charge iPhone or iPad. Did I just mention that Amber Watchcase can charge iPhone and iPad too? Yes, Amber can.

Amber Watchcase Specification

It’s been stated previously that Amber Watchcase can charge iPad and iPhone as well. This is possible because Amber has quite big power for such a small and compact watchcase. The power capacity of its internal battery is 38000 mAh.


That is the capacity that can be used to charge Apple Watch eight times, and to charge iPhone once.  More than that, the developer also provide Amber App. This App will notify if the device is fully charged or even help you to locate Amber via Bluetooth in case you forgot where you put it.

Bluetooth on Amber is Bluetooth Low Energy. Read more about BT Low energy in this page.

Charging Process of Amber Watchcase

Cable will be rolled inside of Amber

Charging is an easy and simple way to do on Amber. You can use it as an ordinary charging device for your Apple Watch, or use it as Power Bank.

The best part of using Amber is that you can charge your device tidily and neatly. There will be no tangled cable or any other mess on your desk because Amber gets rid of it.

Charging system in Amber is using wireless charging. Read more about wireless charging method in this page.

plastic housing
Spool will be covers by plastic housing for tidier look

In charging process, all you need to do is connecting Amber charger to the electricity socket.

Don’t worry if your charging cable is too long because it can be rolled up inside Amber into a spool.

This spool will be covered by plastic housing for neater look. And also, when there is no electricity socket around, you can use Amber as a Power Bank. Just place the Apple Watch inside Amber, and you can charge it on the go.



Before we go to conclusion, here is the video about Amber. From this video, you can see of how Amber works, and how to operate it more vividly.

With all classiness Apple Watch has, we need a classy companion to support the functionality of this device too. This is where Amber comes in. It has technology, functionality, and class that all Apple Watch users need.

With Amber Watchcase, you can store your Apple Watch and charging it while you’re on the go. More than that, it also provides protection and style.  So, if you are looking for higher level than a standard charging dock for your Apple Watch, go grab Amber!

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