Some iPhone 6s Charging Tips That You Need To Know

If there is one thing that you should learn about using your iPhone 6s smartphone, then that would be knowing some iphone 6s charging tips. It actually has been an issue that battery life in smartphone can be very weak.

You have just charged your smartphone for one and a half hour, but then it runs low of the battery in the next two hours. Is that very annoying? In fact, it is. That is why, it is not the matter of how long you have charged your smartphone.

It is more about how to set your device to be in a battery-effective mode. In fact, there are a lot of people who think that running low on the battery is mainly caused by the battery breakdown.

That is not true. All you need to do is knowing how you set your smartphone setting in a right way. That is why, here is some iphone 6s charging tips that you might need to know. Hopefully, it can make the best use of your iPhone 6s from now.

iPhone 6s Charging Tips and Tricks

iphone 6s charging tips

Fetch Your Email Setting For A More-Efficient Battery Use

The first thing that you have to do make sure that you can maintain a long battery life for your iPhone 6s is knowing your email setting. It has been a common knowledge that email setting has been one of the reason why a smartphone battery life can last shorter than it should be.

Push email is an email setting which will notify you anytime when new emails come in your mailbox. The problem is that it takes an internet update anytime and it will make your iPhone 6s run low of battery faster.

That is why, it will be better if you fet your email setting for every 10 or fifteen minutes. This will help you to save more energies for your iPhone. Al you need tio do is going to “mails”, then “contacts and calendars”, an sleect “fetch new data”.

Check The Smartphone Signal

The next thing that you can do to make your iPhone 6s battery last longer is checking your smartphone signal. It happens with many people. In fact, if you are not living in an area with LTE coverage, then it will be so much better if you switch your signal setting to 3G.

This is beneficial since it will prevent the LTE radio from making your iPhone 6 run low on the battery. In short, this will make your iPhone more energy-effective. In order to switch to the 3G setting, you just need to go to “settings”, then “general”, then “cellular/mobile”, then turn of the “enable LTE”.

Low Power Mode : An Effective Way To Save Your Battery Life

The last thing that you can do to make your iPhone 6s battery last longer is switching to the low power mode. This mode will help you to turn of the application refresh, mail fetch, and even some visual effect so that the battery can last longer.

This power mode is very useful for you who need to make sure that your smartphone can still work until you find an energy source. That is some iphone 6s charging tips that you might need to know.

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