iPhone 6s Photography Tips

iPhone 6s photography tips are available on various kinds. You can use those tips in order to get the best performance of the camera apps on your smart phone.

Talking about the camera, sometimes people will think that it is too heavy app and nothing to do with it. They will feel confused how to bring the easy touch for their camera. So, there will be great results with all pictures they take.

By using iPhone 6s, you will bring the great results of all photos you take. This smart phone is completed by great touch that will make you feel satisfied with it. There are also some guides for you to operate camera apps.

iPhone 6s photography tips

Do you want to know those guides? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s check reading below and find your best information about iPhone 6s photography tips!

iPhone 6s Photography Tips For Beginner

  • Keep Your Lens Clean

First of all, you have to keep your lens clean as well. You have to wipe your lens whenever you want to take a photo. As we know that the lens is tiny. So, you need to clean it in order to maintain the sharpness. You also have to know that finger print can soften the image and also lower the contrast.

There is also actual smudge that will diffuse the image to the total failure point. You can use tissue, T- shirt, or whatever that is handy for you.

Besides that, you have to choose micro fiber. You can keep it on your iPhone in order to protect the pocket book from scratches. It will also help you to keep the lens smudge and free from scratch.

  • Be Touchy

The second tip for you is for being touchy. As we know, iPhone is completed by auto exposure and auto focus. But, sometimes it can be fooled too. How to operate it? Well, you can compose the image first and tap the subject of photo you want to edit.

When the focus and exposure lock, you can drag your fingers down and up in order to adjust the exposure. This tip will be very perfect for backlit subjects. This tip will be very handy especially when you spend times in the beach.

  • Shoot Standard and Avoid Flash

Next, you have to know that you use standard setting. Don’t use HDR mode. It will be better for you to only adjust the image later in post processing.

For your information, the standard mode is about 4:3 ratio. It will give you the standard image. If you want to upload the photo in Insta, you can consider shooting with square mode.

This condition will save your photo and crop it later. You can set it perfectly and get the perfect time to capture. Well, you will be very satisfied with the result.

Last, you have to avoid flash except the situation is really dark. The flash off mode will give you very natural result. Finally, those are all some reports about iPhone 6s photography tips.

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