Easy iPhone 6s Battery Saving Tips For Beginner

You need to consider some iPhone 6s battery saving tips if you want to keep the battery life in its best performance. You can start saving the battery while you are using the iPhone.

Easy things iPhone 6s Battery Saving Tips

There are several things you can do to minimalize the use of your iPhone’s battery power. First, turn off the applications that are not being used. Don’t juts minimize the application, you have to close the applications that are not being used.

You can also turn off the notifications of the social media applications. It will save a lot of battery. Just go to ‘Setting’ and then tap twice when the ‘Notification’ still on to turn off.

iphone 6s battery saving tips

Second, you have to avoid animation. You do not need 3D effect for the background. Instead of using 3D effect wallpaper, you can apply the static pictures for the wallpaper.

How to change? You just need to go to ‘Setting’ and click the ‘Wallpaper and Brightness’. Just turn on the ‘Reduce Motion’. You can also reduce the brightness of the display. It is one of the easiest iphone 6s battery saving tips that you can do anytime.

Third, you need to keep your iPhone getting good signal. The strong signal will make your iPhone stable. Stable and strong signal will help the iPhone work less harder and use less battery power.

At the same time, you can also access your email manually instead of using the email application. It means you turn off one application that is most active.

Take care of the iPhone battery well

Besides using the power of the iPhone battery well, you also have to take care of the iPhone battery well. First, charge it right. You have to always make sure that you never your iPhone being charge for too long. Always unplug the cable when it is about 90% full.

You don’t even have to wait until the battery fully charged. At the same time, you have to always consider the right charger adapter, cable and connector. You should never use any non genuine charger part. It will gradually damage the cell of your iPhone battery.

Second, keep the temperature down. You have to keep the temperature of your iPhone in average room temperature. It is pretty easy, just never leave in some hot places like in your parked car.

You also cannot use the iPhone for 24 hours. Stop using it to watch videos or play any game too much. It is one of the best iPhone 6s battery saving tips.

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