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groups of articles that specifically discuss about 802.11 technology called wireless, including name of devices, regulations and product reviews

Go Faster and more Secure with Wi-Fi Passpoint, New Standard by Wi-Fi alliance

In the past few decades, Wi-Fi has been the newest trend in technology sharing. With this device, there are so many things can be done easily and effectively. For example, by employing Wi-Fi network, accessing internet could be easier and simpler. We don’t even need to connect our devices with wired network. Therefore, having a […]

WiFi Hallow, the New Future Standard from WiFi Alliance

Talking about wireless connection, WiFi must be the most familiar technology we’ve ever heard. This is the technology that has penetrated to almost every existing personal device. And with the huge numbers of user, this technology keeps evolving and inventing something new to fulfill the needs of its customers. And recently, WiFi alliance, the alliance […]

The Introduction of Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

The use of Barcode Scanner has been viral in so many industries. This kind of device is really important especially to get the data from certain product through its barcode. By using this device, employee’s job will be much easier since they don’t have to input the barcode numbers anymore. Therefore the risk of mistake […]

The Real Breakthrough: Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging

Continuing our previous post about wireless-charging (read: Wireless Charging: What It Actually is and How does It Works), now we are going to talk about the possibility of this technology to be used in electric vehicle. Even though this technology is not ready yet, but it’s still interesting to be discussed. And if electric vehicles […]

Wireless Charging: What It Actually is and How does It Works

If you ever have a problem with fiddly connectors or tangled charger cable, then you really must try wireless charging. With this technology, you definitely won’t face the same problems as before. It will make you able to charge your devices wirelessly. Therefore, there will be no problem with cords or bulky wires anymore. Then, […]

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