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groups of articles that specifically discuss about 802.11 technology called wireless, including name of devices, regulations and product reviews

Wi-Fi Technology Applications

This page will talk about Wi-Fi technology applications. Seeing that the trend toward this kind of connection is getting bigger by day, we think that it will be really valuable to discuss about it in here. So, the understanding about this technology can be absorbed well by our civilized people. So, they can increase their […]

Wireless Technology Introduction

This is 21ST century, and this is the century of wireless. Wireless technology Introduction is our main topic now. We can almost find wireless everywhere. In our gadget, in some electronic devices, in our audio system, in automobile, or even in our furniture, we can find these devices are already completed with wireless technology. Well, […]

The Introduction to EnOcean Light Switch and Its Benefits

In this modern era, energy efficiency is really needed. That’s why many manufacturers in the world are competing to produce low consuming energy device. Other than that, the trend is not only reaching the energy consuming level of devices, but also the clean energy ones. It has forced devices to use more effective energy with […]

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