Canon EOS-5D Mark II Manual

Canon EOS-5D Mark II user manual is the topic Today. By the way Do you know when it was firstly released to the market? Canon EOS-5D Mark II was firstly released in September 17, 2008. Even if it’s already released quite long time ago, but this product is still relevant for nowadays use, especially for you who likes retro camera kind of style.

That’s is why we are going to share about the canon eos-5d mark ii manual. You know, Canon EOS-5D Mark II is the successor of the Canon EOS-5D. And the first camera in the EOS line to provide video recording functions. Here are the 7 new features list you might wanted to know.

  1. Movie recording full HD at 1920 × 1080 and SDTV at 640 × 480 resolution.
  2. Monaural microphone for audio during video recording, speaker for playback and microphone jack for external stereo microphone
  3. Live preview with ExpSim LV “exposure simulation” live preview (full exposure preview control utilizing ExpSim LV, a first for video in a DSLR)
  4. Live preview with contrast-detect autofocus
  5. HDMI video output for live preview or playing clips and images on an external monitor via Type C MiniHDMI port
  6. Dust reduction system to perform automatic sensor cleaning
  7. Battery management software

User Manual