Canon PowerShot A310 Manual

Canon PowerShot A310 Manual is aimed to fulfill the needs toward information of both technical or instrumental issue among this digital camera product especially for Canon PowerShot A310.

When was it firstly released to the market?

Canon PowerShot A310 was firstly released in February 9, 2004. Even if it’s already released quite long time ago, but this product is still relevant for nowadays use, especially for you who likes retro camera kind of style.

Canon PowerShot A310 has a three megapixel CCD sensor, a fixed lens, a sliding front cover which doubles as a power switch, is powered by two AA batteries and takes Compact Flash media.

How much the price when firstly released?

In the first release, It was $199 in the US and €199 in Europe.(old price at launch). And now, if you’re interested to own this compact digital camera device, you can get it in several online stores by paying $17.50 (used) of PowerShot A310 3.2MP. This is the worth price for what’s offered by this Canon PowerShot A310.

Canon PowerShot A310 Manual